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Helen Prescott's discussion posts

  • Helen Prescott 11 Sep 2014 1:18pm () in Padlet and getting past firewall

    If you have N4L have you checked it's not N4l Blocking?


  • Helen Prescott 01 Jun 2014 4:40pm () in Chromebooks

    Hi Steph

    Agree with Allanah's comments on this one. Another thing to bear in mind is Chromebooks can actually take away work from the techy people because it's so easy for schools to control the management and they don't require the same sort of maintenance like a normal laptop, like software updates etc. 

    Always remember to go back to the why?  Why do I want a Chromebook and how does it support the learning?

    i decided not to set up printing for Cromebooks simply because I want to encourage that mind shift of publishing to an online space.

    Hope these extra thoughts help.



  • Helen Prescott 15 Apr 2014 10:16am () in Chrome book internet access

    We did have an instance where Network For Learning affected our Chrome although am pretty sure this is sorted now.  Just a thought. 

  • Helen Prescott 23 Nov 2013 11:21pm () in GAFE Backups

    I understand you can have the Google Drive app on your laptops which acts as a form of backup for your Google Drive, however I have been advised that if you do work offline, it is not always reliable and it is possible to lose work.  I just wondered what other people were using for backups?  Apparently there are third party backup systems you can buy.  

  • Helen Prescott 23 Nov 2013 11:17pm () in Establishing GAFE when staff have Google accounts already using school email address

    Teachers need to change their email address to a personal one for their personal google account that was set up using their school email address.

    Then once their educational account is set up in GAFE they can share all their docs etc from their personal account to their new account.  Hope that makes sense.

    Here's how to change the email address.

    These are the steps to change your primary email address in your google account.

    To change the email address on your account, just follow these steps:

    1.       Visit the Google Accounts homepage.

    2.       Sign in to your account.

    3.       Click Edit in the Email section.

    4.       Enter your new email address and your current password.

    5.       Click Save email address.

    Once you've saved the change, you should receive a verification message at the email address you just entered. To complete the change, you'll need to click the verification link in this message. You should also receive a message at your old email address confirming that we've registered the change to your account. If you don't receive the verification email,check your spam folders or request a new email.

  • Helen Prescott 20 Nov 2013 2:30pm () in Are schools having parents sign permission specifically for Google apps?

    Martin Hughes from TTS who has deployed GAFE over 50 schools says the school and BOT take on that responsibility, so there is no need for parental permission of kids using the school domain Google account.  Any personal account of course a child under 13 does need permission.


  • Helen Prescott 30 Sep 2013 8:35pm () in Chromebooks

    @Gerard  Absolutely.  I have presented twice online and am about to present at ULearn. 

    Here's the link to my online presentations which I've blogged about http://helenselearningjourney.blogspot.co.nz/2013/06/samr-roadmap-to-ict-integration.html

    I will upload my ULearn presentation to my blog once I have presented on Tuesday at ULearn.  Am more than happy to anyone about it.  Feel free to come to my Presentation at ULearn (Breakout 3)!Laughing

  • Helen Prescott 29 Sep 2013 4:29pm () in Chromebooks


    Glad it was helpful.  Sounds like we are in a similar situation to you, with a range of devices and some big decisions to make around our next steps.  I have to keep going back to what does the learning look like (the why), and how do the devices support that. I've been researching the SAMR model for 8 months now which has really opened my eyes to a way forward with making that 'shift' in teachers thinking which is so critical.  Happy to talk more, email me at helenp@sunnyhills.school.nz.

  • Helen Prescott 17 Sep 2013 4:00pm () in Printing on a Chromebook

    Is anyone able to point me in the right direction on how to print with a Chromebook please?

  • Helen Prescott 06 Sep 2013 11:32am () in Blog posts - protocols for leaving comments


    I've just been looking through your professional blog.  The topics are relevant and your reflections are insightful.  Thank you.  

    You  mentioned above that you had developed a criteria for comments which has been helpful - from Beginner through to Expert.  Is there any chance you could share that.  My twitter is helenoftroy01.