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Erin Sawyer's discussion posts

  • Erin Sawyer 10 Sep 2015 7:17pm () in MLP or just Effective Pedagogy

    This would be a brilliant book! Where do I sign up for my advance copy?!

  • Erin Sawyer 05 Apr 2015 9:53am () in Collaborative models for collecting anecdotal evidence

    They could come anytime within the hour. We had some parents do both/all students in the hour and others booked different times.

  • Erin Sawyer 05 Apr 2015 7:31am () in Collaborative models for collecting anecdotal evidence

    We had the students write their own goals (with support from the teacher) for each of the 3 'classes' they have in a day. They then completed a student led conference that was facilitated by their whanau teacher. We let parents book for an hour block then within that block there were several conferences taking place at once. After that the parents could opt to speak to any of the curriculum teachers by heading over to their rooms and waiting until they could speak to them. I thought it worked really well this year. Feel free to ask for more info :)

  • Erin Sawyer 10 Feb 2015 7:38pm () in Professional reading suggestions

    Interesting - thank you for the link. I am also teaching in a year 8-10 MLE in Hamilton. I'm wondering if we ought to organize a get together where we can share experiences and ideas as we all journey through the same transition?

  • Erin Sawyer 19 Jan 2015 10:10pm () in Google Docs for Teacher Appraisal/Registered Teacher Criteria - Inquiry

    I have used MyPortfolio for a few years. I'm at a new school now that prefers to use GAE so I've created a template using Google sites. We have linked the RTCs with our own appraisal. Teachers then reflect and collate evidence against the criteria and their own personal goals. I'll happily share the template once I've completed the last few bits! It can definitely be done and being able to collect different media and having ownership over it makes the appraisal process much more worthwhile. Also check out the MyPortfolio webinars from last year as there one on the appraisal process.

  • Erin Sawyer 09 Oct 2012 4:39pm () in The e-Learning Planning Framework - how and why to use it | NAPP Kōrero 16

    I'm looking forward to reading through these posts. Part of my responsibilities this year was to write the eLearning strategic plan. I spent quite some time gathering resources and examples such as the eLearning Planning Framework. What I discovered was that we couldn't move forward with any sort of plan until we had a clear vision and overall strategic plan.

    We had spent some time developing a curriculum. With changes to management this process became stagnant. We now have remnants of a great curriculum but no cohesion. The first port of call was finding all the parts and analysing what we had and didn't have. We have now recognised that there is a lot of work to do as a whole staff in identifying and clarifying our vision. Once this is clear then eveything else can hang on it.

    Another of our struggles is our network. We have had great plans in the past, rolling out whole school initiatives. Unfortunately, we realised that if the whole school buys in, then not everyone can access the resource at once. Fibre will hopefully make a big difference to us but this is not an option in the foreseeable future.

    eLearning is something that is very dear to my heart. I have a passion for the engagement and learning oppotunities it brings. I feel very strongly, however, that we don't just jump on the bandwagon or buy the latest gadget unless we have thought about student acheivement. We need to be sensible about purchases and clear about our intent. It should always be about teaching and learning and not the technology!

    I'm going to take the time now to read through other posts, although I have a lot more to say on this!! Wink