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  • Tessa Gray 19 May 2020 2:05pm () in Digital resources to support literacy learning online

    Kia ora e te whānau,

    A number of teachers and kaiako lately have been looking for online digital resources to support literacy (both at school and at home). Literacy can mean so many things and there are many online platforms to support listening, oral and presentation skills as well as reading, writing and spelling.

    In a digital age, there are also a number of creative and innovative ways to support and enhance literacy, including te reo Māori. Here are a few Digital resources to support literacy learning online shared from Enabling e-Learning, Virtual learning Network, Literacy Online, NZ Teachers Primary Facebook page and more >>> If you have any apps, websites or games to add of your own, please feel free to do so in the our shared Google presentation. All feedback and comments welcome.

  • Tessa Gray 13 May 2020 3:52pm () in Covid 19- Lessons learned going forward

    Covid-19 As we near the end of self-isolation, schools will start shifting a focus towards onsite teaching and learning. For some learning remotely has been a challenge, some would have found it difficult to engage full stop, while others may have found their stride and will miss the flexibility of learning remotely or online. Here-in lies the issue and potentially the solution.

    While not everyone’s experiences during Covid-19 would have been fair or equitable, there may well be some positive things we can reflect on, in light of what we've learned over the past seven weeks. We can ask ourselves;

    • What has worked well
    • Where the challenges lie
    • What will we start/stop doing, do more or less of or adopt as a new norm

    Equally, if technology has been an enabler during distance learning, we might like to consider;

    • Test in the hall What learning platforms, websites, tools and resources will we continue to make available during lessons?
    • How will we encourage taiohi/students to continue to initiate, maintain and sustain their own learning?
    • If there are ways to vary the teaching of content – for example, adopting Universal Design for Learning principals in planning and teaching, collaborative teaching practice, flipped learning models etc
    • If there will still be choice, autonomy and flexibility in the way students opt into learning tasks, timetables, ways to process, share and reflect on their learning?
    • On-going opportunities to connect with parents and whānau

    Now we can all see a real opportunity to locate future focused themes like innovative learning environmentsculturally responsive practicelearner agencyinclusive classroomsflipped learninglearning design and frameworks for thinking like the Ten Trends in the context of conversations about the changes we'd like to see in our education system moving forward. 

    In fact, these conversations are being had right now. Some of you have may have seen Claire Amos (Principal), on TV1 Monday night (11/5/2020) talking about changes to a more flexible model (and timetable) at Albany Senior High School that better supports students have more choice and control over their own learning. After all, students have been required to manage their learning remotely from a distance for the past several weeks. Announcing Ten Trends 2020 

    The same can be said beyond school - where we can use our takeaways from Covid-19, to create an equitable future in a truly treaty-led model. 

    The Covid-19 crisis has shown change is possible. Across Aotearoa organisations, systems, structures and practices have shifted to new ways of working in under a week. Look at the collective intelligence, goodwill and innovation being applied to all areas of the crisis. Imagine if the same attention could be placed on redesigning an equitable and Te Tiriti-based future.

    The choices we make now will determine our approach to the future and where we eventually emerge. Regardless of the decision, the one inescapable truth is that we are all in this together – he waka eke noa. Like Kīngi Tāwhiao’s vision, if we cannot picture the future we want then we will be unlikely to achieve the future we deserve.

    Nau mai te Rangiātea - ki te hoe!

    Eruera Tarena Executive Director Tokona te Raki: Māori Futures Collective Foreword from, Kia Puta ki Rangiātea: Reaching New Futures, a series of potential future scenarios post COVID-19 released by Tokona Te Raki.

    Now is the time to openly acknowledge that traditional schooling doesn’t work for all of our students and that we can disrupt the status quo and use this opportunity to revisit; timetables, teacher instruction, inclusive and accessible practices for all. Let's seize the opportunity to reflect on what’s important and make choices for positive change going forward in the future. 

    What will you do with the lessons you’ve learned?

    Also see:

    Image source: Covid Image by FrankundFrei from Pixabay, Student assessment, Wikipedia commons

  • Tessa Gray 13 May 2020 1:31pm () in Enabling e-Learning forum: What does an online programme of learning look like?

    As we start to plan for the return to school, post Covid, the reality is;

    More and more schools are integrating online learning programmes (including NetNZ and Te Kura) that utilise multiple modes of communication, are self-paced and personalised to better meet the individualised needs of their learners. Schools like Maniototo Area School have eDeans to help their students access learning inline within and between schools. See more, Online learning benefits for students

    Some of you might remember this webinar we hosted a wee while back on, online learning benefits for students. 

    In this webinar, Rachel Whalley, e-principal of  VLN Primary network, Anne Williams (eDean) Nicky Lewis (e-Learning teacher) Ashburton College and Darren Sudlow (eDirector NetNZ) talk about the potential for students to make powerful connections to learning online in a secondary context; enabling students to be motivated, to learn in different ways, develop personal management skills and then freedom to work and learn flexibly, together - connecting with others in online communities.

  • Tessa Gray 08 May 2020 3:51pm () in Digital Resource: Digital citizenship when learning from school and home

    This pick-up-and-go teacher resource collates some practical examples and ideas for ensuring our learners are safe online when they engage with web content, communication technologies as well as social media - both at school and at home.











    This Enabling e-Learning resource also links to the e-Learning Planning Framework, NetSafe, snapshots for learning, Ministry foci for PLD priorities as well as bigger picture ideas. Please feel free to share with your colleagues and don't forget to tell us what you think about digital packages or what you'd like to see more of.

  • Tessa Gray 23 Apr 2020 10:13am () in Whakawhanaungatanga - Getting to know our learners

    Here's another Enabling e-Learning digital resource focused on e-learning tools and processes that help strengthen relationships and encourage students to practice and share who they are through; pepeha, mihi whakatau and learning portfolios. This teaching resource links to culturally responsive practice, Universal Design for Learning and digital tools to support Māori achieving success as Māori. 

    Play with some of the tools at home, trial some ideas with your own children (or possibly from a distance), share it or just pop it in your back pocket and save it for the future. 














  • Tessa Gray 22 Apr 2020 7:41pm () in Enabling e-Learning forum: What does an online programme of learning look like?

    There was close to 100 attendees in today's webinar on Enabling E-learning event- Developing online programmes of learning for diverse learners and everyone found real value in what Ruthanne Kennedy had to share, in terms of planning for diverse learners where we explored; 

    • Key considerations for diverse learners in an online context
    • Principles and tools for effective online learning
    • Strategies and activities

    Another BIG Huge thank you to Ruthanne Kennedy for sharing this wealth of knowledge with us in this shared Google presentation.


  • Tessa Gray 22 Apr 2020 11:43am () in Enabling e-Learning forum: What does an online programme of learning look like?


    VLN Primary screenshotHere's a timely message from Rachel Whalley (e-Principal VLN Primary)


    The VLN Community is extending its online programmes to more schools and more students during Term 2.

    Does your school need support to take your learning online and would you like your students to access existing online programmes? The Ministry of Education will fund additional enrolments with the VLN Community by schools who need support to take learning online or would like their students to access existing online programmes. PLD support is also available for schools. Find out how you can participate here:

  • Tessa Gray 17 Apr 2020 10:56am () in Enabling e-Learning forum: What does an online programme of learning look like?

    Some people might also be interested in this webinar recording, presentation and chat from a recent live session (9/4/2020) on Interactive Learning Online - an interactive, hands-on session looking at web tools to encourage interaction from a distance (Kahoot!, Tricider, ScreenCastify, Jamboard etc). 

    A big huge thank you to Katrina Laurie (Accredited Faciltiator, CORE Education) for this informative and engaging session and the resources shared in this Google presentation. Please feel free to share and tell us what you thought?


    Interactive learning online webinar chat (9/4/2020)

  • Tessa Gray 17 Apr 2020 10:51am () in Enabling e-Learning forum: What does an online programme of learning look like?

    Well we've had a busy time online lately. Another big thank you to everyone who joined us in yesterday's webinar with Lynne Silcock - who shared some practical tips for running video conferences in both Zoom and Google Hangouts.

    This webinar recording is also available on our Webinar recordings page. Thank you Lynne, the resources and top tips you have shared are very helpful during this time. Please note: See slide 31 and 32 in this shared Google presentation for more resources shared during this event.


  • Tessa Gray 16 Apr 2020 9:38am () in Enabling e-Learning forum: What does an online programme of learning look like?

    A big thank you to everyone who joined us in yesterday's informal Q&A with Heath Chittenden (Ashhurst School). An even BIGGER thank you to Heath for sharing his ideas, processes, tips and tricks for creating digital content to support learners online. This webinar recording is also available on our Webinar recordings page. Please feel free to on-share, ask any patai (questions) or share your thoughts below.


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