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Dee Reid's discussion posts

  • Dee Reid 17 May 2011 6:25pm () in Wire posts

    Well gee whiz, didn't think of that!  We'll give it a blast. Cheers x 1000 :o) Dee

  • Dee Reid 17 May 2011 3:12pm () in Wire posts

    p.s. at this stage it really only was the wire posts widget that we were wanting from our profile options to appear also in a group widget....but that could change.

    p.s. we also considered using the group owners' message board to send the weekly tidbits to group members, but thought again that would mean them having to exit our group to view the message board (which coud be replied to a few times, and then the original post be 'hidden').

    man, I wish I knew how to speak techie lingo!

    Cheers x 100, Dee