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Dee Reid's discussion posts

  • Dee Reid 10 Jun 2011 11:21pm () in Subgroup Navigation

    Kia ora koutou,

    Is it at all possible to have a default link in the navigation menu for all subgroups that can take you directly back to the 'parent' group?

    i.e. quick and easy 'exit and return' to the parent group from any subgroup feature?

    e.g. curently if I make a post in a subgroup's group discussion, I then have to go:

    >group discussion (top of page link) 

    >subgroup (icon or name in nav menu)

    >main group (top of page link)

    Mauri ora, Dee

  • Dee Reid 17 May 2011 3:08pm () in Wire posts

    Whew - that's a lot to digest Hayden - but what Te Manawa Pou were trying to achieve, is how to send weekly tidbits to our group members.  We wanted to use Twitter but too many schools block this.  So we thought the wire post would be a worthy candidate for this option.

    We thought the wire posts on the group page (for group members to see what our group owner posts on the wire) would be easier rather than having to direct them to our group owner's profile page to see what has been posted on the wire.  (gee, I hope that makes sense, I think I could be going around in circles now!)

    I think it would be preferrable for such a group widget (if possible) to be able to grab the wire posts of only group members.

    Does this sound workable?

    Cheers, Dee

  • Dee Reid 25 May 2011 3:04pm () in Editing Comments on Group Pages and Blog Posts

    awesome :o) thanks very much!

  • Dee Reid 25 May 2011 7:45am () in Editing Comments on Group Pages and Blog Posts

    Is there any way we can edit a  comment we make on a group page or a blog post we make on a group blog? (without having to delete it first and re-edit that way?)


  • Dee Reid 24 May 2011 8:18pm () in Blog comments

    cooooool Cool

  • Dee Reid 24 May 2011 8:09pm () in Blog comments

    My fault.

    I see that members are posting some responses on the blog, and others on a group page.

    Sorry to hassle you unnecessarily Hayden.  Cheers, Dee

  • Dee Reid 24 May 2011 8:02pm () in Blog comments

    It appears our group blog /pg/blog/temanawapou/read/53625/ko-te-wiki-tuawh is only allowing a maximum of 4 comments to be viewed at any one time....any chance this could be opened up for us?  Is there a way we can change the blog settings to allow more comments than this to be accessed / viewed by our group members? It'd be nice if we could view them all from the very first to the most recent?

    Or, is this just happening because some members have deleted their comments since they were initially posted?

    Any advice appreciated, cheers, Dee

  • Dee Reid 19 May 2011 8:05pm () in Wire posts

    Me again...I was wondeirng if the profile widget 'users online' could be used as a group widget but instead be 'group members online'?

    Cheers, Dee


  • Dee Reid 19 May 2011 8:00pm () in Adding 'friends'

    Kia ora :o)  This thread caught my eye, and Toni has convinced me to contribute to the thread!  Ultimately our different perspectives inform how we interpret the word 'friends' - I like the essence of this thread, and in my true to 'me' style, I will probably stay sitting on the fence, and do so quite happily.  I am happy to 'add friends' when I deem them to be 'my friends', yet in trying to establish relational trust with partcipants I have not yet (and most likely never will) met f2f, I'd hate to make an 'enemy' by denying their request to befriend me!  The informal and casual atmosphere within the VLN is appreciated by me, yet in the context of how I am currently utilising the VLN, I would like it if there were perhaps to be an additonal option to select from (i.e. don't get rid of  adding 'friends')  for the more formal contexts in which we are utilising the VLN for.  Maybe we could select to add someone as an 'online collaborator', or 'associate', or 'networker', or 'VLN fellow'.....there are endless options really!  Again, it could be the language being used or the way in which the term is interpreted that is the issue.  In real life, I can count using the fingers on one hand, how many 'friends' I really consider as friends, yet according to my son's facebook page (and to some extent mine too hehe) he has hundreds...some of whom he doesn't even know their name!  Hehe.   Gen-Ys for ya. 

    Cheers, Dee

  • Dee Reid 17 May 2011 6:25pm () in Wire posts

    Well gee whiz, didn't think of that!  We'll give it a blast. Cheers x 1000 :o) Dee