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  • Aaron Frost 22 May 2014 4:49pm () in Airserver



    Yes, there is a free trial version to try it out. The only issue is the mac and window versions are different so you would have to purchase the windows version. It's quite cheap, from memory we got 3 licences for around $13 US.

  • Aaron Frost 22 May 2014 4:12pm () in Airserver



    I'm using Airserver and it works really well. You can have Airsever and wifi running no problem. 

    How I have it set up is my laptop is connected the to the projector (or a tv).  Then I just mirror my ipad, exactly as you would with Apple TV. At around US $13 for 3 licences it is heaps cheaper than Apple TV (which we have several of).  I've been really happy with it. Let me know if you have any other questions

  • Aaron Frost 19 Mar 2014 3:18pm () in iPad Models - which to choose

    If it is about the amount of ipads instead of the money I would go for ipad Air's.

    We have gone with ipad 2's simple because we can get a lot more devices for the money.

    Once we can't get them we would probably go with the ipad air over the mini due to the more collaborative nature with the bigger scree.  The mini's are not that much cheaper anyway.

  • Aaron Frost 10 Feb 2014 3:18pm () in Changing from Data Projectors to TVs

    We have a mixture of 42inch and 50inch.

    It depends whether the focus is on whole class or teaching groups. 

    I would recommend getting them as large as you can given space, cost etc...

    I have seen some 32" in classes, they are cheap but it is difficult to read text etc.

    Personally I have a wireless data projector which I am loving. I mirror the ipad via airserver or I can directly connect to the data projector with some apps.

  • Aaron Frost 23 Sep 2013 3:08pm () in IOS7 and education

    It has worked just fine so far on an Ipad2.

    The upgrade happened with no issues and so far I haven't noticed much difference.

  • Aaron Frost 05 Sep 2013 8:19am () in Kidblog

    hi Renee,

    We are also enjoying using Kidblog.  

    Another way around it is you can embed the videos.  This means that you upload the video to another site like vimeo or youtube. The copy and paste the embed code into the html tab on the post.

    Its a bit more fiddly.  

    We are still using the free version so I cant comment on what the premuim version is like.

  • Aaron Frost 25 Jul 2012 3:20pm () in Arohatia te reo - Cherish our language & join me in a 7 day challenge!

    Tau Ke! Nga mihi nui for sharing this with us.

    Very Creative.

  • Aaron Frost 08 May 2012 3:10pm () in New challenge: Finish this sentence...

    ...unfortunately it became a room with book resources and readers.

  • Aaron Frost 06 Mar 2012 3:40pm () in DigiStore

    What a pain! There goes the easy access for children. 

    The other way I have been doing it is to download the resource then put it in a folder on the server.  Then I create a short cut to the folder and put it on the desktop. This works well while the children are at school as they just need to click on the shortcut.