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Tamara Bell 's discussion posts

  • Tamara Bell  08 Jun 2011 11:53am () in Help for a TMP participant

    This is one of our participants, she is in our sub group Tāne Mahuta and WAS a member, we approved her and she was posting comments then all of a sudden she was 'chucked out' and couldnt get back in.  She has requested membership again however it isnt coming up in Tane Mahutas membership requests so i cant approve her, again, so she cant get in there anymore to do her tasks.  Can you please help us out?  Maybe post her a message and let her know when its sorted and what she needs to do.  If you can put her back in Tane Mahuta too that would be great! Thanks, Tamara

  • Tamara Bell  21 Jun 2011 10:55am () in How might we use Facebook/social media to connect to our school community?

    I have been keenly following the journey of some schools as the investigate the possibilities and potential of Facebook and other social networking sites to engage with their wider school community.  I think Windsor School in Chch, are using their school Facebook and Twitter accounts really effectively to reach a large number of whānau and friends of the school on a regular basis.  St Andrews School is a good example of a small rural school using Facebook to easily communicate to their spread out rural community. Karawhuia ngā kura katoa!

  • Tamara Bell  13 Apr 2011 9:49am () in Check this out...

    Kia ora,

    I have been having a look at some other cluster pages, the Whakatu cluster are doing a great job, def worth a visit.  /pg/groups/27128/whakatu-schools/

    They also have a great discussion going on about how to get their community more involved, thought this was very relevant after talking to a few of you about how to encourage your community to become more involved this year, check it out- /mod/groups/topicposts.php?topic=42526&group_guid=27128

    Tamara  :)