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Tamara Bell 's discussion posts

  • Tamara Bell  08 May 2012 2:29pm () in How can we foster home school partnerships?

    Great discussion here!  One thing we liked to do at my last school was hold all hui off school grounds.  We would meet with our whānau at the local marae or wharenui, a place that they hold dear and feel 100% safe and comfortable in, not in a school hall, office, staffroom or classroom - often places that our parents have mixed feeling about, perhaps even bringing back bad memories from their own schooling experience.  Always provide an opportunity for kai and/or a cup of tea so you can talk on a personal level and get to know each other.  If you haven't already, check out this site and it's sister site - a very valuable online resource! 



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  • Tamara Bell  29 Mar 2012 9:34pm () in Beyond the ICT PD contract - what does sustainability look like?

    Great conversation, relevant to so many clusters and schools every year! I fully tautoko all of the suggestions above from Chrissie! Laughing

    I have been thinking of a response from my own experiences of being a lead teacher of ICT in my school and also from being a BeL national facilitator working with several clusters.  I too remember being stressed at the thought of finishing our 3 year cluster and perhaps no longer having specific release, PD or support to continue our elearning journey.  One of the reasons for this was our cluster had become too reliant on our cluster facilitator to lead our learning, which caused panic at the thought of 'being left on our own!'

    I believe it is the facilitators responsibility to urge the cluster in their final year (if not before) to take ownership of their learning, their vision and their plan for the future and to point them in the right directions for where/who they can tap into to get support e.g. the VLN! (amongst many other places).  Supporting a cluster to make decisions about their PD needs and elearning future while helping them to build capability within their own staff in the final year, if not before,  leads to sustainability.  

    Slowly pulling out the 'experts' and building up those teachers and leaders in the kura with the drive, skills and vision for continuing their elearning journey is crucial to ensuring success beyond the end of the contract.

  • Tamara Bell  03 Oct 2011 1:55pm () in Haere mai and welcome - we are live!!!

    Fantastic job team, I know how hard you have all worked to bring us Enabling e-Learning, can't wait to share this gold with others.  Smile

  • Tamara Bell  19 Sep 2011 2:13pm () in Responses to 'Te tuawhitu o ngā wiki - Week 7 (Toi te Ako)'

    Kia ora koutou,  fantastic comments, always a pleasure to hear from our participants-just wish there were more in here each week, we appreciate you guys taking the time to contribute!  

    Great to hear how you are making connections to your own practice and seeing the opportunities and benefits from integrating Māori concepts into the classroom.  What I have often found is by embedding the tuakana-teina concept into the classroom environment, the relationships and dynamics of how kids interact with each other changes in the playground and even outside of the school gates.  When older kids start to mentor and support the younger kids, it usually develops into friendships and a real sense of whānau and manaakitanga.  This doesn't end when they walk out of the door, they continue to look out for their younger friends, just as those teina look up to their tuakana.  An important shift to being a role model during all aspects of school life as well as outside of school starts to take effect.  It's an awesome thing and something that sounds like might be happening in your own kura-have you noticed the continuuation of the tuakana-teina role with your tamariki outside of the class?

  • Tamara Bell  13 Jul 2011 1:06pm () in week 11

    Kia ora kōrua,  Thanks for taking the time to contribute to your subgroup discussion and I value your feedback.  Te Manawa Pou is a new PLD programme this year and both Dee and I have agonised over the 'right' amount of mahi for each week.  We are only too aware of the busy lives teachers have and just like setting homework, it is extremely difficult to get th e amount/content right.   Some say it was too much, some say too little, but I really like your suggestion of just allowing more time to complete tasks.  2 weeks would allow people enough time to work it around other committments and also to re-visit ideas they would like to go over again.  Kia pai te rā!  Laughing

  • Tamara Bell  13 Apr 2011 9:49am () in Check this out...

    Kia ora,

    I have been having a look at some other cluster pages, the Whakatu cluster are doing a great job, def worth a visit.  /pg/groups/27128/whakatu-schools/

    They also have a great discussion going on about how to get their community more involved, thought this was very relevant after talking to a few of you about how to encourage your community to become more involved this year, check it out- /mod/groups/topicposts.php?topic=42526&group_guid=27128

    Tamara  :)

  • Tamara Bell  08 Jun 2011 11:52am () in Help for a TMP participant

    Hi guys,


  • Tamara Bell  08 Jun 2011 11:52am () in Help for a TMP participant

    Hi guys,


  • Tamara Bell  17 May 2011 1:33pm () in Wire posts

    Hi guys,

    Working on our Te Manawa Pou group page and have a couple of questions:

    -    the wire – can we add the wire widget on our profile pages and set settings to see other members’ wire posts rather than just our own wire posts? 

    -    can ‘wire posts’ be a widget option for group pages.  On that note can all ‘profile’ widget options be group widget options???


    Cheers! Tamara & Dee

  • Tamara Bell  03 May 2011 9:09pm () in Theme management

    Hi everyone

    I have created a few different themes I would like to change between. My problem is, the photos I upload in each one as the header image are too small when you save and view it. What's the easiest way to either center the image or expand it to fit across the page horizontally.

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