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Tamara Bell 's discussion posts

  • Tamara Bell  07 Dec 2012 11:12am () in Greatness is a lofty maunga

    Woohoo - ka mau te wehi!  Ko te reo te mauri o te mana Māori, nō reira tino hirahira te kaupapa reo me te kaupapa taiao o te kiriata = language is the essence of Māoridom, therefore the kaupapa of your film about reo and our environment is very important. Congratulations on your success, well deserved!!!!!

  • Tamara Bell  29 Nov 2012 7:26pm () in Greatness is a lofty maunga

    Ka mau te wehi - great mahi kids.  I've voted for ya!

  • Tamara Bell  01 Nov 2012 7:11pm () in Mihimihi / Establishing Connections

    Kia ora koutou,

    Since we are talking about sharing pepeha and mihi in new and creative ways and this is a space for blended e-learning tools and resources, I thought it might be helpful to share a very simple but effective, visual way to share your mihi.  Children love preparing and sharing their mihi this way as it takes the pressure off publicly having to speak their mihi by using audio clips instead.  It also is a great way to encourage whānau to participate as children have to research or gather photos alongside their parents and extended family.  It is also very easy to share with an online audience through e-portfolios or class blogs.

    My example is a very simple but appropriate structure using powerpoint.  I have also created visual mihi through the use of Animoto, Haiku Deck and Comic Life.  I'd love to hear other ideas if people have some to share!

    Nō reira e hoa mā,  kia kaha, kia maia, karawhiua!  Get out there and give it a go!

    Taku Pepeha

  • Tamara Bell  26 Sep 2012 5:57pm () in Te Mangōroa - Online site to support Māori learners

    YES - I regularly access and share Te Mangōroa! It is a 1-stop shop for me as it links to everything of relevance and importance in relation to my work in Te Manawa Pou and Poipoia te Reo, both te reo Māori in English-medium contracts. It is so helpful as it has links to all the key docs, resources, research, videos etc around this important kaupapa but what I particularly like is that it is broken down into 3 sub pages specifically discussing 1) Ako, 2) Identity, Language and Culture and 3) Productive partnerships. It then also has supporting pages with the latest updates for effective leaders, effective teachers, te reo māori, research & evaluation and the latest statistics & results. I ALWAYS promote this site when facilitating any session around blended e-learning tools/resources to support Māori achievement, or culturally responsive practice. Lastly, I would thoroughly recommend emailing temangoroa@tki.org.nz and ask to join the monthly update subscribers list, this way you will receive an email update of any new content/info being added to the site. Mauri ora ki a koutou! 

  • Tamara Bell  13 Sep 2012 9:47am () in The great BYOD debate

    Thanks Tessa, this week I had the pleasure of attending the Apple Education Seminar (see PDF flyer below) in Christchurch and was blown away by the demonstrations performed by Apple employees showing the ease of use, accessibility features and potential learning possibilities of the ipads in education.  We were treated to the latest updates about ibooks, itunesU and ibooks author...too much to go into now but my jaw dropped on several occasions when watching examples of how it can be used, tips & tricks and discussing further opportunites for these applications in schools.  

    We also heard from Mark Quigley from Orewa College, who clearly explained the journey they have been on and outlined the challenges and benefits his school has faced along with their plans for the future.  

    Overall it was exciting and engaging PD...have I grabbed your interest yet, because the best part of the day was when they announced Apple would be returning in November to run some small group, practical hands on sessions around the applications they had been demonstrating on the ipads.  I for one will definitely be there and would encourage anyone else who is using ipads in education not to miss out either!  

    Did I mention it was free too!!!  Laughing



    Apple Tour flyer

  • Tamara Bell  31 Aug 2012 7:55am () in School Websites.

    Woops - forgot to say what originally tweaked my interest about this post was we were using iWeb too, so this discussion is extremely relevant to Burnham considering the implications of iWeb no longer being viable.

  • Tamara Bell  31 Aug 2012 7:53am () in School Websites.

    This is the website of Burnham School, the last school I taught at and was DP of before coming to CORE.  This was developed while I was there and further developed after I left. What I love about this school website is that from the moment you hit the homepage you get a real sense of what the school is all about, the kids, our culture and our strong commitment to te reo and tikanga Māori and ICT development.  I truly think this shines out from the website.

    It has a huge amount of information on it and links out to some key online spaces for our children and community.  Having a strong online presence was essential for Te Kura o Tiori because the school is based in the Burnham Military Camp and most of our children have parents serving in the NZ Army.  Many of them are army personnal posted to Burnham but actually from the Nth Is (where most of their extended whānau still are) and we also had many parents deployed overseas, so being able to keep everyone informed of the lastest school news and updates via the website, Facebook & Twitter was a hugely important part of forming relationships with our whānau & community, both locally, nationally and internationally! Laughing


  • Tamara Bell  25 Jul 2012 8:43am () in What does Māori enjoying educational success as Māori mean to you?

    In my work with different schools, teachers and principals, this statement is often difficult for many to understand.  Mostly because of the last 2 words ... as Māori.  So, please feel free to share your thoughts,beliefs and experiences to help us unpack this important aspirational statement.

    What does Māori enjoying educational success as Māori mean to you, what does it look like, what examples/strategies have you seen, what are you unsure of??????

  • Tamara Bell  23 Jul 2012 9:55am () in Te Wiki o te Reo Māori

    It's great to see NZ companies getting on board too e.g. Wise group  There are lots of cool things happening on Facebook as well Māori Lang Week, Te Taura Whiri, Takohatia Māori Aspirations, so kia kaha e hoa ma, karawhiua, arohatia te reo!!!!!