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Tamara Bell 's discussion posts

  • Tamara Bell  25 Sep 2015 10:24am () in You Tube restrictions

    Woohoo! This is exactly what I have been after, thank you.  Following the tutorial, I switched the safety mode off just for our teachers, as I had already put them in a separate organisation.  Awesome-1 less frustrating thing to deal with online now  :)

  • Tamara Bell  22 Sep 2015 11:09am () in You Tube restrictions

    I am with you - this drives me crazy and I have tried everything to be allowed to change the safe mode but are not allowed. I am shocked by the great content that gets shut off too - things I would never dream of restricting are blocked in safe mode, a lot of great content cut off from our classes GRRRR!

    I currently get around it by changing to Incognito and using a separate browser but its frustrating & time consuming to do that all the time.  It def cant be changed in the Admin console so i agree with Allanah, think its a N4L filtering issue.  Let me know if you have any luck!

  • Tamara Bell  14 Sep 2015 9:45am () in Collaborative Teaching

    Hi Stuart,

    Cheryl Doig shared this with us last week as part of a session around collaboration.  She was shared this from Peachgrove Intermediate up north and they said they were happy for her to share with others so I am sure she won't mind sharing it here.  I thought it was an awesome resource that allowed for teachers to individually complete and then come together as a team to share their placements and reasons for them.  This obviously allows for great, in-depth professional discussions to happen around how they team wants to work together and what hopefully will lead to them be able to design some team expectations that take everyones personal preferences into consideration.  Hope it helps!


    Working collaboratively continuum

  • Tamara Bell  25 Jun 2015 2:17pm () in Blogging 101 | An Enabling e-Learning event

    Hi quick question VLN whānau...can you embed EdTalks into a Blogger blog?  From what I can figure out, you can only embed YouTube videos and EdTalks are not on YouTube.  I know I could put in a link to the EdTalk but that just doesn't look good to me, would much prefer the actual clip embedded into the blogpost.  Any advice much appreciate, ngā mihi!

  • Tamara Bell  22 Oct 2014 12:50pm () in Inviting your school community onto the modern learning practice (MLP) waka

    Kia ora anō Michelle,

    You have asked a very relevant question and one that I hear often - 'what happens to our children when they go to High School and the High School is not on a similar journey but one of traditional teaching and learning?'

    This is a huge concern to both teachers and parents as no-one wants to see our tamariki engaged and immersed in a modern learning environment, underpinned by modern learning practice and pedagogy throughout their early and primary years only to be thrust into a traditional teaching model in high school.  Firstly, the environment is only one factor and there are many ways to be implementing MLP in our traditional, single cell buildings, so my advice would be to do your homework first.  Don't assume because the high school might have more traditional buildings that they are not on their own journey of MLP discovery themselves.

    If you do find that there is a disconnect between what the feeder primaries are trying to implement in their school environments and teaching & learning practices compared to what is happening in the high schools than this is something you should communicate about with them about.  In Christchurch, schools have been working collaboratively in Learning Community Clusters (read more here) and working as a cluster with ECE, Primary & Secondary leaders has offered amazing opportunities for these kinds of discussions to happen.  Supporting successful transitions and learning pathways for our learners, in our community has been paramount to all cluster discussions and planning, so naturally a shared understanding of the latest research, best practice and pedagogy and the what, why and how of MLP has been developed together over time.

    Working alongside our secondary colleagues will help, rather than either side preaching what they are doing is best.  Talk to your high school colleagues and develop a relationship with them so you can share ideas, ask questions and collaboratively inquire into what teaching and learning should/could look like in your community right from the early years level, to primary, secondary and beyond.  I have found that the only reason some secondary schools have not got their head around a shift to MLP is the fact that they have not yet been supported to understand what that means, the purpose and reason for change and how it could look at a secondary level.  We are all on this journey together, so reaching out and inviting our colleagues from different schools or sectors onto the same waka, is a great way to get some action happening!

  • Tamara Bell  13 Oct 2014 1:28pm () in Inviting your school community onto the modern learning practice (MLP) waka

    I have returned from a FANTASTIC ULearn14 and am now very happy to be able to share our presentation with you all on this kaupapa.

    Please find the main link to our presentation here:  Link to presentation

    I have also included some links to some of the resources we created to share with everyone in the workshop and to some key online resources that are available to you online.

    Please feel free to ask questions, share your thoughts or feedback once you have had a look, always keen to hear other perspectives, experiences and to share resources wider!

  • Tamara Bell  13 Oct 2014 1:06pm () in Inviting your school community onto the modern learning practice (MLP) waka

    Kia ora Michelle,

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you articulated very clearly your process and the key strategies you used to ensure engagement and alignment of thinking throughout the change process at your kura.  It sounds like all the hard work and thought and effort you put in to 'getting everyone in the same waka' has made a huge difference to the buy in from staff, BoT, whānau and community.  Ka mau te wehi!

  • Tamara Bell  03 Oct 2014 1:55pm () in Inviting your school community onto the modern learning practice (MLP) waka

    My tip for today is to make you aware that there is a wealth of knowledge within the VLN and more specifically, related to this very kaupapa.  Some great discussion happening here around what collaborative planning looks like - don't be afraid to hunt out the gold online! Cool



  • Tamara Bell  03 Oct 2014 1:53pm () in Getting started, planning for success in a MLE or for collaborative practice

    Kia ora Helen,


    We are having an online discussion about just that in another space on the VLN, you are welcome to join us there too as it might be of help. 





  • Tamara Bell  02 Oct 2014 2:34pm () in Inviting your school community onto the modern learning practice (MLP) waka

    Kia ora Jilena,  

    I understand your position and I hope that this online discussion will provide lots of different ideas as to how to get community on board.  I will be posting plenty of links and resources to aid with this very kaupapa right throughout the month of October.  I am presenting at ULearn next Thursday and can promise you that after that many of the key ideas & strategies I share in that presentation will be linked back in here for you to access as well.  But to start you off, check out this fantastic Google site that a school here in Chch has created and shared publicly to support their community with the concept of becoming a BYOD school 


    It is a fabulous resource that is extremely thorough & readily accessible for parents anywhere, anytime to deepen their knowledge around BYOD and support their understanding so in turn they can support the school and their children with this huge change in their classroom. Keep in mind that this site was not the ONLY method they used to consult and communicate with parents, but just one method, but in my opinion it is a great example of harnessing the power of online support.  

    Consider how this could look if the kaupapa for the site was MLE/MLP rather than specifically aimed at BYOD (an aspect of modern learning practice for many schools anyway).