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Danielle Heares-Farry's discussion posts

  • Danielle Heares-Farry 27 Aug 2012 8:34pm () in What it LOOKS like

    I have found the New Zealand sign langauge website very helpful: http://nzsl.vuw.ac.nz/

    During form time we do not have a teacher aid, the students take turns reading to one of their classmates who only communicates in sign. This wonderful website allows us to workout what she is trying to say.

    As a results many of the members in the class are slowly starting to learn sign langauge. It really is an amzing tool.

  • Danielle Heares-Farry 27 Aug 2012 7:54pm () in Storage of shared departmental resources.

    Hi Rebecca,

    I have just set up a wiki via moodle to share resources for our department. So far it is working well, the wiki can be edited by everyone so our department unit plans are flexible. It also allows us to link to online resources. The files area in the wiki can also be used to store electronic resources and we can link to them in the unit plan also. Some people are also linking to resources they have on google docs.

    I would love to know how people organise the hard copy resources. At the moment everyone just keeps there own and there is not much sharing going on.