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Julena Hickey's discussion posts

  • Julena Hickey 20 Aug 2012 4:41pm () in Conference/trip/other major P.D. reflections

    Same here Karen. I did notice however at my Visual Art best practice some art teachers in high decile schools were not at all interested in converstions around barriers to learning for students in lower decile schools. The artist models we used to 'contextually' include students were far removed from the 'designer' artist models which may appeal more to the student who has been exposed to art history and appreciation in the wider world and not the student who percieves 'the marae' as their world.

  • Julena Hickey 20 Aug 2012 4:32pm () in Reflections on Appraisal Inquiry 2012

    Our appraisal focus group working collegially is Karen, Risalie, Pam and myself (Julena). We re looking at the usefulness for student learning focii and reporting back to parents the actuality of student writing portfolios. I have been fortunate to have Melva sort into chronological order student writing work which has been assessed this year. My next step is to have conversations with studetn groups within my English class so they can focus on specific learning to improve their writing so they have opportunity to learn many new ways of writing ie: expository, transactional and creative in many different genres.