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Sonja Barneveld's discussion posts

  • Sonja Barneveld 31 Mar 2015 9:31pm () in Tela leased MAC Laptops

    Hi Judith

    You can get Kamar in the App store https://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/kamar/id336862723?mt=8  which you should be able to access on your Mac. I cant see why you would need any assistance to install networked printers - if you are on the network try going into Network settings > Printers - click on the add button and while the layout looks a bit different you should be able to copy the printer settings from one of you colleagues laptop printer settings. You Mac will use the same printer pathways and names.

  • Sonja Barneveld 28 Feb 2014 8:11am () in MLEs: That’s just a classroom with a beanbag isn’t it?

    While I think MLE's are really exciting and make sense - the web redevelopment project I am currently working on includes information for parents. While I was in Christchurch earlier in the month as well as catching up with Derek I also met one of the project managers for a MLE build when I was in my base company office (they are sub-leasing space there) In the context of the conversations we were having about our various projects it turned out one of my colleagues has an 8 year old at the school in question.

    She is an involved parent and as someone with a strong professional background in IT has a natural sympathy for 21st century learning. However she was very unsure about what how the change would be experienced by her daughter. While she likes the idea of learning being more individualised and fluid she had some quite reasonable questions about what that might look like in practice for particular learners, that hadn't quite been answered by the school's communication. 

    One of the themes we are finding in the parent user research is that parents are asking for more information to help them understand aspects of education that have changed. Having just read Chris's blog post about his "trade me" classroom and the importance about connecting the learning environment to home, I am interested to hear about how his students' parents have been engaged in understanding what this new environment will offer.

    For instance as a parent of a child with high functioning ASD who finds noise and lack of structure challenging, how is this going to work? Or is a child who finds it difficult to work in groups going to be able to avoid that, rather than be encouraged to develop those skills. How will this work for the distractable child? How can this degree of individualisation possibly be manageable for teachers? I came back thinking it would be great to have some video/stories of parents and teachers talking to some of those themes and how the diversity of children's learning needs are met.

  • Sonja Barneveld 13 Dec 2013 12:25pm () in Holiday reading list

    One of my useful holiday apps for collecting blog posts etc to read offline is Readlist You can create your own collection of articles you'd like to read and send it to a variety of devices. The beauty is that you don't need to be online to read it and it is also possible to share your "book" with other people. My summer reading will include A List Apart's summer reading list for the work related. I've also been  thinking I'd like to check out The Luminaries.

  • Sonja Barneveld 08 Apr 2013 9:03pm () in Writing and use of keyboards

    I guess my response would be - what are we assessing here? I think there is merit in kids learning the physical act of writing. And I'm quite prepared to believe it activates different parts of the brain. But I don't follow the logic that validates it as essential to the writing process. I compose straight to screen all the time. And if we are using a piagetian definition of sensori motor then typing is a sensori motor skill as well. I chose a word in my head then use my hand to select the right keys to create the word. 

    I'm interested in the reference to "boy" in the sentence. I was going to add in here idea of how children - particularly girls play with handwriting style & then recalled my 14 year old son's very artistic signature. As in many debates like this I come back to surely it is a both/and that respects creative written expression benefits from access to multiple tools?

  • Sonja Barneveld 26 Apr 2012 7:34am () in Digital resources for ANZAC Day

    The collection of digital resources just gets better every year and usually I'd be keen to add to the list but this year my favorite ANZAC day resource is a new book. It's the Red Poppy by David Hill with illustrations by Fifi Colston. It was released in hardback by Scholastic about six weeks ago and is a lovely story about New Zealand soldiers set in the Somme. It was inspired by a song called The Red Poppy which is on a CD in the back and to me it is a bit of a digital project as Fifi crowd sourced a lot of the things she needed via her Facebook networks including the models for the dog and German soldier. 

    My two great uncles who died in World War One both died in Europe (Messines and Flaubert) - with the focus on Gallipoli it is nice to have a story about New Zealanders who had that experience especially one that gently reflects some of the horror of the trenches while finishing with a message of hope.  While it is a picture book it's probably aimed at seven up. 


  • Sonja Barneveld 13 Mar 2012 7:17am () in How do you find out what your school community thinks about using ICT?

    Have you had a look at Darryl Crawford's efellow report from 2007 Whanau Navigating the Digital Divide ? It's a little while since I have read the actual report and his process was probably a bit more extensive than you'd use for this but it could certainly help frame up the kind of questions you'd want to ask.