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trish vesey's discussion posts

  • trish vesey 24 Aug 2014 3:17pm () in Classroom Planning

    Hi Louise,

    As a result of your helpful posts I have now added Doctopus and Kaizena to my google drive (great tools)! Your posts are VERY helpful, loved the planning and virtual literacy toolbox - thank you again. I will be making a few positive changes to my planning, and sharing more with my students and parents (great school/home partnership). I am intrigued when you mentioned about your students planning their own work/day - this sounds like student agency to me :) Can you tell me how you use google docs to support reading - are stdents assigned their reading & comprehension through google? If they are planning their own days, are they mostly working independently and not in say reading groups? 

  • trish vesey 21 Aug 2014 6:13pm () in Classroom Planning

    Hi Louise,

    Thanks very much for sharing what you do here - so, so helpful, gives me much to look at. After spending last year exploring many Web 2.0 tools I've decided that I needed to maximise the potential of google in my teaching/learning. You've provided a way forward here.

    Many thanks

    Trish Vesey :)