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Kevin Byrne's discussion posts

  • Kevin Byrne 05 Mar 2014 10:38am () in BYOD policy and terms of use parent/student agreement

    Hi Keir

    Here is where we started with our newsletter article and the key points remain the same.


    We have made good use of the eLearning Planning Framework http://elearning.tki.org.nz/Professional-learning/e-Learning-Planning-Framework2 and associated resources in our planning for an rollout of it.

    We still run an optional BYOD and the student access to WiFi is managed the same as their access to school owned computers on the hardwired network (1 username for both etc etc). We use a Fortinet appliance to manage it all.


  • Kevin Byrne 13 Dec 2013 4:12pm () in School Calendars and Room Booking solutions

    Hi all

    I am seeking some possible solutions for  mutliple calendars - an overall public school one, a staff only one and then possibly an EOTC one (currently in the overall one), an assessment one etc. We currently use an Outlook calendar for our staff but I would like to be able to publish straight to the the web for the overall public school one. 

    Also I am seeking a room booking solution for hall, compuetr rooms etc.

    We use MUSAC and are not currently registered as a school for Google Apps. We use Office365 / Skydrive in a limited way.

    Thanks Kevin

  • Kevin Byrne 15 May 2013 4:26pm () in The process to complete

    Hi all

    At New Plymouth GHS we have adopted an optional BYOD programme this year. Following a BOT led strategic committee starting from mid 2011 it became apparent that access to internet based learning facilities was imperative and that BYOD was a effective strategy to enable this. As we have a roll of 1250 and our site is a museum of differing educational architecture from early 1900 onwards, site wide WiFi is problematic. We currently have 70% of the learning spaces covered and working to develop this over time. Teachers are trialling BYOD at their own pace supported by a very collaborative staff culture. For those teachers who want to run with it, the opportunities are becoming realities, for those who are not there yet, no problem their time will come. Yes there are teething issues but its great to have the opportunities to transform the learning using BYOD as it becomes possible. We haven't taken away any ICT capability, rather added to it. I uploaded the newsletter article we included in the last newlsetter in 2012 prior to the start this year in the group files section.

    Yesterday we had a whole staff breakfast Student eLearning Feedback meeting where 3 teachers shared their teaching inquiries ... all I can say is wow! The most pleasing thing was the conversations afterwards amongst all the staff as they reviewed their inquiry and identified next steps for student eLearning, barriers etc.

    My only absolute is the focus is on student learning outcomes "what do my students need to achieve?" -  then look at the best tools/strategies/resources you need to make it happen.

    Happy to share our experience - message me.


  • Kevin Byrne 14 May 2013 1:26pm () in MS Office type app

    Likewise I've used DocstoGo Pro since Palm Pilot days - now with iPhone & iPad. It links well with Dropbox which is my goto cloud storage for non sensitive documents. Also useful to have powerpoints on a device whilst presenting. However Pages and Numbers seem a lot easier to use and my understanding is it will link well with MS Office.


  • Kevin Byrne 30 Mar 2013 2:28pm () in Cyber Bullying Resolution

    Hi Nicole

    Happy to share our experiences kbyrne@npghs.school.nz . We deal with all online issues using the same framework we use for other issues that arise in school - Building Positive Relationships - based on school values of Respect Whakamana, Responsibility Haepapa & Relationships Whanaungatanga. This coherence is proving effective as we have done some work on what these values mean in online environments and we find students understand the issues when put in this way.


  • Kevin Byrne 29 Nov 2012 4:15pm () in Happy Birthday, Enabling e-Learning!

    Ka pai!! Great to have come so far in such a short time. Feeling like I am truly part of a NZ wide community of learners.  All of us are collaborating for the benefit of all the learners in our schools. This is why NZ is world class in education Smile. Specifically, the eLPF and Enabling eLearning community is giving a structure to our developments. This is ensuring that the current major stepchange we are all doing with regard to eLearning, will be effective long term.