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Chris Jager's discussion posts

  • Chris Jager 27 Sep 2013 6:56am () in Rolling Notes - Auckland Leadership Symposium

    Great to get such positive feedback Peter and to hear the particular things about the day that you found useful. Notes/ presentations from many of the people you mention have been posted in this group space so hopefully others can find out more about what they covered. So moving forward, what would it now be useful to hear from others on?

  • Chris Jager 24 Sep 2013 4:42pm () in What struck a chord with you?

    Kia ora koutou

    This is helpful feedback looking forward to how future events might be organised. But in the meantime, to get the sharing that people are looking for going, Catriona has asked a a really important question:

    What are some of the the key areas relating to leading e-learning that schools would find it useful to be sharing ideas and strategies and hearing what other schools are doing?


  • Chris Jager 20 Sep 2013 9:01am () in Introducing...the Northern community online

    Kia ora koutou

    I am Chris Jager, team leader of the North region blended e-learning PLD team. I have had a long-standing interest in the potential to enhance learning through digital technologies. A future-focused view of learning conjures up a picture of a learner who has a set of dispositions needed to function in our rapidly changing world. Schools striving to make the necessary paradigm shift face many challenges and this makes the leadership of e-learning a critical component.

    It is pleasing to see the growing recognition that what we need to be focussing on is learning rather than ICT.

    I am delighted to see a community developing within our region around leading e-learning. Lets use this forum to share our ideas and successful strategies.

  • Chris Jager 17 Jun 2012 11:33am () in embedding videos again

    Interesting - as a last ditch attempt I decided to try a different browser - something I couldnt do with IE has just worked perfectly in Firefox - hmmm what does that tell us?

  • Chris Jager 17 Jun 2012 11:27am () in embedding videos again

    I am endeavouring to embed a youtube video in a group resource. Despite my carefully placing the cursor at the point I want the video to appear, the window appears at the top of the resource. Have tried all the obvious things (logging in again - relaunching the browser) but I dont seem to be able to get around this. Any suggestions?


  • Chris Jager 21 Feb 2012 3:31pm () in Have you used the e-Learning Planning Framework?

    It is great that New Zealand now has its own, home grown planning framework for e-learning (eLPF). I hear schools increasingly talking about their desire to be taking a coherent approach to e-learning but they are often not sure where to start.

    In the past we have borrowed e-Maturity frameworks from other places:- ePotential from Victoria, Australia - the BECTA self-review framework from the UK - the NETS Standards from the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). Now we have our own!

    I have found using the eLPF with schools that it provides a great framework for them to consider their use of e-learning. It uses language and concepts that align with the NZC and other seminal NZ documents so are very familiar to NZ educators.

    I have worked along side several schools who have used the eLPF to:

    • take stock of what they are already doing in relation to each of the five dimensions of the framework
    • identify and prioritise next steps and plan a course of action.

    As Tracy has mentioned, the experience of the pilot team showed that when used as part of a facilitated process, valuable discussions lead to the development of a shared vision and raised awareness of how e-learning can support learning and lead to raised student achievement. Opening up opportunities to consider each dimension of the framework can sometimes uncover practice that otherwise people in the same school would not know about.

    I would be really interested to hear how schools that have used the eLPF as a self-review tool have approached this.

  • Chris Jager 02 Dec 2011 7:40am () in videos

    Thanks Glen - will explore Vimeo - subsequently I have been asked a similar question by a cluster which is apprehensive about uploading video anywhere where access is open & public?!? Any views?

  • Chris Jager 15 Nov 2011 5:11pm () in videos

    My question relates to embedding vs uploading video. I understand that if the video is already being streamed from somewhere then it is possible to embed it in a resource. If however the video I want to share is a file then I am guessing that I need to upload it rather than embed it?!?

    If this is the case are there any guidelines around optimum file size/ file formats? The schools in a cluster I am working with are each developing a digital story to share via the VLN as part of milestone reporting. I know that an LMS such as Ultranet limits the size of videos that can be uploaded (to <30MB I think). One of the schools has produced a 236 MB video. I am looking for guidance on how to proceed on this one.


  • Chris Jager 26 Apr 2011 2:46pm () in latest activity

    Today I have been multi tasking - moving content from a Ning site the AIMHI cluster used in its first year to a new group area in the VLN while at the same time further exploring the functionality of the VLN.

    This has involved adding new content and going back and making little tweaks to improve the way it looks. I am now somewhat uncomfortable to find that I am now the single occupant of the latest activity area on the landing page. Whats more it looks like I have done the same time multiple times when in fact I have been entering a series of school liaison group meetings in the group calendar. I apologise to those who have already heard me raise this, but I do need to ask again - is this the best used of prime real estate on the landing page?

  • Chris Jager 31 May 2011 12:24pm () in creating accounts

    Hi everyone

    Am looking for some clarity around creating accounts. When I first created my VLN account I did so via the register link on the VLN home page using my work email address. I knew I had built a profile so subsequently I chose to login via the "login via Google" button I noticed that I had no profile and it took me some time to click that I had actually created a second account - this time using my gmail address. Karen kindly went into behind the scenes and rectified this so I no longer had a split personality!

    In the last couple of days the same situation has been reported by one of our cluster personnel. He thought he had lost his profile but in fact finds he has two accounts.

    Having a single log on is great for those of us who regularly log in to both google and the vln. But it seems to be a potential trap for anyone doing what I did originally. Is this happening commonly or is it just an abberation for those a few of us?

    What is the best advice to offer people around this scenario?