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Pascale Hyboud-Peron's discussion posts

  • Pascale Hyboud-Peron 16 Oct 2013 1:40pm () in Myportfolio

    Hi Julie if you want a skype for a tiki tour when you have 30 minutes, let me know.

  • Pascale Hyboud-Peron 15 Oct 2013 7:57pm () in Myportfolio

    MyPortfolio has many functionalities all in one system so some find they need to find their hook. Edmodo is great to communicate with classes: you can communicate with groups in MyPortfolio. OneNote is great for on the go capture and edit:  Maharadroid (Myportfolio app) lets you up upload files to your file repository on MyPortfolio. GoogleSite does website, with a page per different tab: MyPortfolio does pages that you can link together in a collection thus given a website feel.
    MyPortfolio is about to be updated v soon and features will involve drag and drop files, new page builder, embed PDF in files and all items are taggable (great for evidence selection and assessment) etc.
    Have a look here to get you started if you want, and you can navigate to any public page from any of the images here

    There is huge amount that can be achieved with MyPortfolio and if you are thinking students' use long term beyond school onto Uni this is also a good one to get them to work with. Plus the students' stuff stays with them as they move on. Something to consider.

  • Pascale Hyboud-Peron 26 Sep 2013 12:44pm () in myportfolio funding announcement

    I describe ePortfolio as a personal online space for students and/or teachers. MyPortfolio is a user owned space, and communication between users (teachers and students) is made possible in a range of ways, including use of  the group and the feedback functions. Users collect their learning evidence as it happens (store work) , trace the process of their learning, and select the evidence they need for a purpose (eg: NCEA portfolio standards) upon having received feedback/feedforward. Learning is made visible to the student user who can reflect on actions and take next steps and the student user's progress is made visible to the teacher for assessment (submissions).
    I had a play with comparing LMS/MyPortfolio when I first got into MyPortfolio. I do think ePortfolio can sit alongside LMS (eg: Mahoodle, a combination of Moodle and Mahara, MyPortfolio is a mahara instance) but also provide a different function! Practice as well as access and comfort with ICTs have evolved fast in many cases since and I would value your input to update this comparison!

  • Pascale Hyboud-Peron 14 Aug 2013 8:04am () in Seeking advice about how to best use MyPortfolio with a year 9 class.

    Hello Margaux

    Here are a few pointers, some you may have gleaned from Tessa's links:

    Great all your students are on MyPortfolio and have their accounts. So that you can start communicating  together in that space,  I suggest you organise your class as a group (Group> create group) and visit this "Getting Started with Secondary Students" page: there is a lot to read there, just pick something that suits you and your learners.
    It is likely your students have a range of files and productions for your learning area that they are currently saving somewhere (maybe their school drive or an external harddrive or dropbox etc) . They could start a page  (Portfolio> create page) for each skill (maybe viewing, creative writing etc), upload and display their work on the page, share the page with you for feedback: using existing artefacts and spending a bit of time getting started together after having established the purpose together makes the ePortfolio approach come to life more rapidly! I will be very keen to read how you are getting on!

  • Pascale Hyboud-Peron 14 Aug 2013 7:50am () in E-portfolios using devices


    I became interested in Evernote as an eportfolio builder upon taking part in Ewan McIntosh's Tagging the Learning Journey breakout last January (the link is my reflection upon attending). The students featured in his presentation were uploading to a common class account in their dedicated notebook if I remember well and they could browse through each other's for peer feedback and inspiration to build on.

    Evernote lends itself extremely well to the eportfolio approach as Curation ("capture everything", in a wide range of formats) is at the heart of the app ( I like the fact oral feedback can be given) The second element of interest is also Tagging ("Find things fast"): deciding with students on a set of tags relevant to their activities/learning/competence is worth spending time on when starting building an ePortfolio and helps establish a common language. Sharing with an audience is also possible and there is an interesting idea around recording the sharing of students' reading with parents in this post.  Sam referered to "How to create a portfolio using evernote" in another VLN discussion.  
    ePortfolios are owned and managed by their owner, and I would need to investigate evernote more to see if it is possible to export students' notebook to their own account or to another service when they can have their own (if age related for instance) so that the "life long" experience inherent to eportfolio development is also part of the equation.

    I look forward to reading more from your experience with evernote.

  • Pascale Hyboud-Peron 19 Jun 2013 10:04pm () in Syncing Android tablets/phones with a Macbook

    It is useful to download http://www.android.com/filetransfer/  onto your macbook to move files from one device to other files (images, videos, sound etc). No sync issues to report here, all gmail/drive/dropbox/evernote etc seamless whichever device edited from.

  • Pascale Hyboud-Peron 15 Feb 2013 8:51am () in Merci!

    It was great to be able to meet and talk yesterday, thank you for making the time. I learnt a lot from your experience. It highlighted for me that e-teachers, like teachers in the classroom, have a wide diversity of approaches built on needs, audience and environment. It was good to hear you would be keen on subsequent meetings. A month from now is March 24th, so we may pencil that in then?
    Possible conversation threads could be around:
    - show and tell of what your course looks like on your respective LMS, blogs
    - googledocs as a means of keeping track of students' productions development as well as collaborative functions
    - what feedback looks like in the e-classroom
    - tools you and your students use for all sorts
    - comparing your classroom and e-classroom practice ...
    List be no means binding nor limiting... you may want to use this space as a jotter of ideas as you go along with your e-classes.
    A question arising was about how to acquire a conference PIN and if at all possible? Rachel, would you mind giving details please?


  • Pascale Hyboud-Peron 21 Nov 2012 10:20pm () in Eportfolios using Google Sites

    You may be interested in what this teacher does with Google Apps for ePortfolios.

  • Pascale Hyboud-Peron 11 Nov 2012 9:51pm () in Eportfolios using Google Sites

    Regarding google apps and sites (so many googlesite eportfolio templates to feed the creativity!)  there are some Snapshots using blogger on Software for Learning (that certainly have been refered to before in this group, sorry for the repeat).  H. Barrett has a put together this table to assist in ePortfolio tools selection, and you can join her Googlegroup dedicated to Using Google Apps for ePortfolios . Russell Street School journey with ePortfolio was shared in a webinar back in June and you can see it again and access all the docos Jacqui and James have made available.They are using blogs as ePortfolios.

    When choosing an eportfolio tool for you and your students you may wish to consider:
    that the eportfolio stays with the learner outside of a school/institution, that they can take it with them and build on it (lifelong learner)
    that it is portable to another school if needed
    that it aggregates productions made with a range of tools
    that the learner fully controls who has access to what and for how long (eg: one person only, for a set period of time, public etc)
    that the tool allows for communication, reflection and making connections as well as providing a showcase of achievements
    that students' portfolios are easily accessed for feedback by teacher in the first place
    that there is an active community of users of the same tool, in a similar context and environment with whom to exchange

Pascale Hyboud-Peron

I believe in everyone realising their potential and having choice, all life long. I <3 ePortfolios!