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  • Iona Rait 11 Oct 2011 8:00pm () in Managing ipads

    We have the same amount of iPads, but spread two per team.  We have the same set up with the synching apps etc.  But you can synch your iTunes separately.  

    I agree that having someone else in control of it limits your ownership and how you use it.  I had integrated it into my classroom with what I wanted on it, then it was resynched and it lessened my enthusiasm.  I didn't see the point in using something and putting time into something for it to be taken away.  Surely one class using it to its full potential is greater than it being used in a pod- like the old computer lab system we all used to have.  

    A school needs to have a transparent and fair system for using cool tools such as these otherwise people feel left out.  A teacher should be able to use these devices like their own laptop.

    I'm keen to get an Samsung Galaxy Note for the classroom.  It seems to have more interoperability with documents and other great features.

Iona Rait

Teaching at the wonderful St Martins School in Christchurch. In a collaborative class of 51 Year 5 & 6 students and loving it.