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  • Iona Rait 05 Oct 2014 9:48pm () in Collaborative Planning - What does it look like on screen?

    Hi Tracey.  I'd love to have a look at your planning too.  We're starting next term down the MLE track.  Cheers.  Iona



  • Iona Rait 05 May 2013 10:25pm () in Reading

    I use my iPad as a listening post in a new entrant classroom since I don't have a CD player.  What I do is put any ready to read books onto my itunes and make a playlist for it.  (They send them to all schools with a CD now). Then I set it playing through my apple tv to my speakers.  I just plug in a 4 way splitter to the speakers, I bought one quite cheaply from Smiggle which the children plug into with their headphones.   Then when they need help I control it from my teaching table and there's no worrying about it stopping or the tape being chewed or CD being scratched.  If I want to talk to the class I just push pause so they can hear me.  Works for me.  You could also record older buddies reading a story or have your big books read by the class to listen back to.

  • Iona Rait 06 Aug 2012 6:56pm () in The best interactive whiteboards/projectors?

    Kia ora Sam

    We have had a couple of wall mounted interactive boards, which work really well in the senior end of the school.  They do have a funny light to them when you are up close that I personally don't like, but they seem to orientate well after any shakes to the projector.  These are out of action at our other school while we are off site due to the earthquake though!

    We also have two interactive teaching stations in the junior end of the school, I share one with another teacher.  These are very good, and you can plug an iPad in.  The newer model has a slanted board on the front, or one you can pull out, so you can prop up your shared book which is necessary otherwise you end up needing another board.  The height is ideal for the shorter student!  The size of the board could be an issue if you have a small classroom.  Not 100% certain we have the right software as it mucks around a little which can be frustrating.

    While the other teacher is using the interactive teaching station, I am using an apple tv and iPad.  The wireless-ness of this is great and the kids like seeing another child drawing up on the screen this way.  There could be some issues mirroring video this way due to our bandwidth though, as while using sock puppets it wouldn't show the show up on the screen.  I like this option the best so far.  

    I have heard about/seen the mimio boards and would love to see them in action.

    I definitely think there is not one solution for every level in the school.  On the other hand you probably don't want a different option for each room!

  • Iona Rait 26 Jul 2012 7:13pm () in How many tools do you use and how do you decide?

    Hi Moana.  I downloaded Sock Puppets.  It's so cool!  Can wait to put it to the test.

  • Iona Rait 06 Jul 2012 12:51pm () in How many tools do you use and how do you decide?

    I thought the answer garden tool could be useful in a staff meeting to get all teachers to respond. Seems to work on an iPad in html but also runs in flash.

  • Iona Rait 06 Jul 2012 12:44pm () in How many tools do you use and how do you decide?

    Hi Rebecca.  Thanks for that link.  I'll have some fun using and sharing some of those tools.  I like the jigsaw one that you could use at the start of your topic as an ignition- kind of like the old picture reveal idea.  The cube one seems to take a good while to load.

  • Iona Rait 05 Jul 2012 4:14pm () in How many tools do you use and how do you decide?

    Ha ha sorry, I didn't download that one myself!!!  Is it really that much? Ouch.  I have a feeling Scribble Press might be free, but book creator you pay for too.  But book creator you can add in audio too, so that's why I decided on that one.  I'll have to trial them well and truly this term with some real teaching examples with my year 0 class.


  • Iona Rait 05 Jul 2012 4:01pm () in How many tools do you use and how do you decide?

    I've only got one app called 'uTalk Māori' which is basic word and phrases supported by games.  Have you joined the iPad group on here? I usually check out recommended and tried and true apps from there.  I've just started using the 'book creator' and 'scribble press' ibook creator apps which have many uses across all areas.  Puppet pals and sock puppets would be great to use with te reo, role playing spoken Māori.  

  • Iona Rait 05 Jul 2012 3:48pm () in How many tools do you use and how do you decide?

    Hi Jo.  Just read your profile and was wondering what apps for iPad or sites for te reo you use regularly?

  • Iona Rait 05 Jul 2012 3:45pm () in How many tools do you use and how do you decide?

    Hi Gerard


    I'm very curious about the single sign on site that you linked to.  I will have to investigate.  Are they adding sites that can be accessed in the same way regularly?


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