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Mohi Mete's discussion posts

  • Mohi Mete 30 Aug 2013 10:49am () in Evernote, e-portfolios and iPads

    Hi Jaqui,

    Our school has been experimenting with a bunch of stuff this year and one of those was using Evernote.

    The boss set it up and ran it as you have described with a Central paid teacher account and a seperate Notebook in that account that was shared with the individual student who makes posts to that Notebook.

    I will add that this was trialled in our Y5-10 classes which has a 1to1 iPad program.

    Yes the initial setup is rather tedious, but she found that once it was up and running it was very effective. Will see if I can get her to comment herself when she gets back next week.

    Personally I love Evernote, another teacher and I used it last term for planning a class we were team teaching. It worked great. Laughing

  • Mohi Mete 30 Aug 2013 10:22am () in Innovative iPad integration

    Hi Guys,

    Thought I would throw in a couple of things you may want to think about.

    We have a 1to1 ipad program from Y5 to Y10, aprox 70 students, plus pods of iPads for Junior and Senior use. Having a method for them to share what they have done was identified as being really important so most learning spaces have either a Large LCD TV with Apple TV, or a Projector with PC running Airserver. That way any student or teacher can put what is on their iPad or Laptop onto the screen for everyone to see.

    The biggest thing we found was to get the Teachers playing with them first. So all teachers were issued with iPads and were expected to use them daily. Over about 3 months teachers became highly proficient with them. (now they are lost without themLaughing)

    All of the classes have Book Creator and this is used extensively in the Junior writing program with stories shared of course on the big screens.

    We have a teacher taking a Davis Class who uses Clicker Docs and Sentences extensively. (they are pricey apps though)

    Year 5-10 have used Evernote this year with a Paid Teacher Account setting up a shared notebook for each student who then make entries for projects as they need.

    Year 8-10 have also been using Twitter with "the boss" getting students to tweet her their reflections of the learning session. The majority of projects in Y8-10 are done digitally and emailed to, or shared with teachers.

    Will talk to some of the teachers and see if I can get them to add what they are doing in more detail.

    If you have half an hour read the boss's new blog here, tells a little about first 3 years of Te Karaka Area School.


  • Mohi Mete 11 Nov 2011 10:43am () in AirPlay Mirroring for iPad2

    We have just bought an Apple TV and have one LCD TV for my class that I am currently trialling. So far has been great and the children love it.

    Possible snag that I can see is that if we go to multpile Apple TV's on our wireless network, how can you control which Apple TV the iPad mirrors to?