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Mary-Anne Murphy's discussion posts

  • Mary-Anne Murphy 28 Jun 2015 4:02pm () in Puppet Pal for Android

    Hi All

    I know Barb asked this question awhile back without a response.

    Is Puppet Pals available for androids? If not, what is a great equivalent.

    Thanks in advance


  • Mary-Anne Murphy 26 Feb 2015 10:38am () in Coding for Intermediate students

    Hi Amazing People

    I am currently working alongside a group of Tertiary educators around the concept of Project-based learning within an IT context.

    What I am wanting are examples of Projects you have done with your students using coding. I need to be able to show them the process and outcomes, including assessments you used and how you structured the project.

    So, I would be hugely grateful for your support and sharing :)

    Thanks in anticipation :)


  • Mary-Anne Murphy 04 Sep 2012 9:07pm () in ESOL resources for Pasifika Primary students

    Hi All,

    I am wanting to know if any one has sites, tools or approaches they use for Primary aged Pasifika Students. Really after some great NZ based resources if possible please; rather than American accents ;).

    Many thanks


  • Mary-Anne Murphy 25 Jul 2012 6:42pm () in Stylus pens for ipads?

    Why have or haven't you purchased stylus pens for your ipads?



  • Mary-Anne Murphy 16 Jul 2012 3:39pm () in Capturing evidence of student progress and achievement.

    Hi again Shane.

    Many thanks for that further sharing: Rhode Street school is certainly "Rocking" by the sounds of things.

    To what extent have you explored the sharing of student learning and achievements from the parent perspective eg: parents texting or emailing a video, voice recording or photo of their child learning something new at home, mastering a skill, or achieving something on the sports field etc.

  • Mary-Anne Murphy 15 Jul 2012 1:01pm () in Capturing evidence of student progress and achievement.

    Hi Shane,

    Lovely to catch up with your mahi in cyber-space. 

    The connection to UFBIS will indeed take things to a new level for your children and whanau in terms of streaming to a wider audience. What wonderful learning that will be for the children when that eventuates, as they will then need to consider who their wider audience might be, how to capture that audience, etc, etc.

    Point England in Auckland (as I'm sure you are aware) have been podcasting and uploading these to itunes, making them free for whanau to access. 

    Tuakeina teina models are such beautiful ways of working, and it is often poetry alone just watching the children interact. 

    The recent learning your students have done around healthy eating was indeed exemplary in showing authentic, relevant and holistic inquiry. 

    The organic way 'assessment for learning' opportunities evolve and can be captured from these learning experiences truely exemplifies wholistic learning.

    Shane, are you open to people contacting you to learn more about what you are doing at Rhode Street School?

    Thanks for your sharing Cool


  • Mary-Anne Murphy 15 Jul 2012 9:35am () in Capturing evidence of student progress and achievement.

    Many thanks for your contribution to this discussion Rebecca. 

    Yes, it is about seeking and using tools that allow for seamless integration into our programmes. Sometimes that might mean changing things slightly so we can activate their use more effectively.

    Having students actively involved in the assessment process is another important aspect which you have spoken about. It engenders a greater sense of purpose for the students, raised awareness of next-steps upon reflection and also allows for peer assessment from which they can also learn. 

    Making explicit the connections between the evidence your students are collating and next-step learning for themselves and their peers is also important because it takes the process from the physical techy process of taking the videos towards making explicit links with thinking about their learning. It would be interesting to ask the students the question "How do you see this information being useful for your own and others learning?"

    Thanks also for the info about Evernote; so helpful for others. Cool

    Mary-Anne :)

  • Mary-Anne Murphy 11 Jul 2012 3:04pm () in Capturing evidence of student progress and achievement.

    Kia ora Heath,

    Many thanks for this resource. An example of a great tool that can be used on both laptops and mobile devices. The ability to share the information instantly with the parents is a powerful aspect of the tool.

    Appreciate your sharing; thank you.

  • Mary-Anne Murphy 11 Jul 2012 8:22am () in Capturing evidence of student progress and achievement.

    Yes, Flip videos are great for this. It is wonderful to hear your 5 year olds are actively involved in the assessment process. Would you be willing to place a hyperlink to your class blog for others to see how this could work for them?

  • Mary-Anne Murphy 10 Jul 2012 7:38pm () in Capturing evidence of student progress and achievement.

    Thanks for your sharing Fiona. Cool

    What do you use to video (phone/flip cam, etc?).

    To what extent do you find this a manageable process?

    Are the students involved in videoing and storing their videos?