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  • ian suckling 05 Mar 2015 10:24am () in Managing device use in a BYOD classroom

    Hi all,

    My intention's not to be high minded, but perhaps to rattle the cage a bit :)

    It's interesting that the focus is on technological, rather than pedagogical solutions. The image of teachers sitting at their desk 'monitoring' thumbnails of kids' screens is interesting. Is the problem the emailing and photos, or is it their content? When I'm working on a Uni assignment, I'm never focused and 'on task' 100% of the time. I make cups of tea, check emails, stare out the window, etc - and this helps my learning.

    I'm interested to know: whether activities and problems are meaningful & purposeful for the individuals concerned, is social / collaborative interaction planned for, is there student choice of topic/activity/tools, have the students co-constructed the desired outputs/outcomes, is the process chunked / scaffolded, etc?

    If they have a need to be social and have fun, could this be directed towards the learning intentions and gathered as evidence of learning. Students recording 'how-to tutorials', making animations or recording voice to narrate a picture story are all ways to focus chattiness towards a desirable learning outcome. 

    A quote, from somewhere, that I like is: Engaging students means getting kids excited about OUR content, interests, curricula. Empowering students means giving kids the knowledge and skills to pursue THEIR passions, interests, future.

    This is especially important for boys. They aren't 'girls in trousers' and boy behaviour is not always bad behaviour. They're physical and loud, but also sensitive, intuitive and thoughtful. As a grown boy, and father of a boy, I can attest to the fact that if the purpose isn't meaningful, boys won't invest energy or time. 

    I worry that the technological solutions suggested put a lid on or suppress the students' enthusiasm, energy, communication, originality, humour, creativity, etc and push their 'mis-behaviour' underground. Whereas, pedagogical solutions might guide, encourage, nurture, utilise these desirable traits.

    (Please be kind in any responses to this!)

  • ian suckling 03 Jun 2014 4:09pm () in Writing tools for all genres of writing

    Hi all, 

    on behalf of a teacher at an intermediate school:

    Are their any digital technologies that have been particularly effective for helping students develop skills in genres like persuasive writing etc?

    There's lots for creative writing, but I wonder what folks are doing for some of the other genres.

  • ian suckling 21 Nov 2013 1:34pm () in Secondary Physical Education - analysing movement video/photo capture

    I wonder how many PE teachers are out there and hope to get some discussion going!

    Decisions being made by one PE teacher at a secondary school are what devices to purchase to best support the practical aspects of their PE and Outdoor Ed programmes. Clearly, they're keen on splash and shock/drop resistance, although the case will probably be what provides this. They know of devices that will do the job, but want to hear others' experiences.

    They're aware of the free Apple apps Ubersense and Coaches Eye and wonder how other PE departments are incorporating the use of such video 'freeze frame'/analysis tools. They're curious about how others manage video storage; analysis and write up; and self, peer and teacher review. 

    I think what device is chosen is less important than how it’s used. The latter will include: agreeing and enforcing rules of use; storing and retrieving videos and written (or oral) analysis; enabling self, peer and teacher review; designating roles of participants in group work; having a process to evaluate the impact of such tools; student choice and goal setting;  etc. 

    Cheers Ian

  • ian suckling 14 Nov 2013 5:08pm () in Literacy progressions matrix

    Hi Tash, for email alerts: when you're in the document, there's a 'comments' button in the top right of the screen. Click this and then click 'notifications' and put a tick next to 'all'.



  • ian suckling 23 Apr 2013 7:15am () in help with apps for sounding and number knowledge.

    Hi, I'm sure you know about this one, but I find it great for my 5 yr old daughter.

    Starfall isn't an app, although I notice that with a browser like Rover, you can use it on an ipad (it uses flash) http://www.starfall.com/ (it is searchable in the apps store). I like that it has exercises in letter and blend sounds with associated stories that use these same sounds. For some strange reason, my daughter loves the simple animated pictures in the stories!

    There seems to be good progression through the exercises from simple sounds to harder ones. Of course the fact that you can click on the words and letters and the software speaks the sound is helpful too. 

    Cheers I

  • ian suckling 10 Apr 2013 12:18pm () in ipad vs other tablets, netbooks, etc

    Hi all,

    I reallise that everyone in this group is an unashamed ipad officionado, but I wonder if you could help inform a primary school's decision to buy ipads or to buy other tablets, netbooks, etc (in an unbiased way, haha)?

    Issues are access to apps/software, ease of management/use, cost, durability, sustainability/succession/obsolescence, applications for junior vs senior students, etc.



  • ian suckling 13 Dec 2012 9:39am () in How do I delete a group page?

    Thanks Hayden, but no. I want to delete a page in a group area.


  • ian suckling 13 Dec 2012 9:25am () in How do I delete a group page?

    I wish to manage the group area but can't find how to delete a page that is no longer needed.

  • ian suckling 02 Oct 2011 11:50am () in How do I demote a page to be a 'subpage'?

    Hi, how do I demote pages that have already been created to be 'subpages'?

    I want to manage the increasingly long list of pages. I know how to create a subpage from scratch, but what about existing pages?

    Thanks, Ian