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  • Hamish Chalmers 28 Mar 2014 9:56am () in Teacher's reflection on (teacher) learning in MLEs

    A great blog post here from a teacher at ASHS and their experiences in MLEs. Also provides some handy guidelines! Michaela covers some of the concerns that often crop up when people think about what it would be like to teach in an MLE.


    How does this fit with other people's experiences who have and haven't taught in an MLE?

  • Hamish Chalmers 03 Mar 2014 11:44am () in Using ICT in reporting processes

    Parent portal to your SMS? I forget who set ours up but after it's going the main job is getting parents to use it.

  • Hamish Chalmers 23 May 2013 11:56am () in The world needs programmers

    I love it how many of those famous programmers (and there's heaps of unknowns doing awesome stuff too!) point out that:

    1) Many of them just started wanting to do something quite simple - "...didn't start off as wanting to learn all of computer science...it just started off because I wanted to do this one simple thing...I wrote this little program and then added a little bit to it, then when I wanted to add something new I looked it up, in a book or on the internet, then added a little bit to it."

    2) Then the dropbox dude who makes the comparison to sport "it starts out being very intimidating but you get the hang of it over time."

    Great stuff!

    I don't know if everyone should learn to program but before deciding whether or not to but they should definitely hear experts doing an amazing job of describing the learning process like that. Even without wading into the ethical debate on whether or not to teach it to everyone in schools (which is very interesting too imo) just seeing the learning process articulated in that way inspires me heaps as a teacher.

  • Hamish Chalmers 16 May 2013 3:00pm () in Device equity in a BYOD school

    I agree! It definitely depends on the context. Here's a hypothetical example:

    1) Students working on a collaborative voicethread that analyses a film clip, an ideal number might be 3 students.

    2) Students working on a reflection on feedback (in a blog or google doc or something) from a formative assessment and  planning where they would go now - optimum number would be one student per computer.

    That's my five cents at least!

  • Hamish Chalmers 15 Jun 2012 7:42am () in Inspiring stories of ICT integration

    This is awesome! There's so many possibilities with augmented reality. It got me thinking how much I wish this stuff was around when I was at primary school. Although the excitement hasn't necessarily dropped off now that I'm a semi-adult either...

  • Hamish Chalmers 12 Dec 2011 1:59pm () in Game-based learning: Are you playing?

    Thanks for those links Marielle! Not to mention the awesome javascript. We'd planned to go browser-based for this so that will be handy. I'd always thought Iphones couldn't do flash?

  • Hamish Chalmers 07 Dec 2011 5:55pm () in Game-based learning: Are you playing?

    Awesome, thanks Peter. We'll hopefully be getting started on this next week. Will let you know once we've got our job list drawn up. Still just trying to figure exactly what we're going to use. Might have to steer clear of flash for the time being as that'll block out the Apple students...

  • Hamish Chalmers 02 Dec 2011 12:14pm () in Game-based learning: Are you playing?

    A colleague and I are developing a gamification (using game-stuff/concepts for sneaky educational purposes) of English skills tracking through a web-based front-end XP bar! It's a plan for the end of term and we'll see how far our sketchy programming skills get us.

    We're planning on giving students the ability to track their English progress in an XP bar - they'll be able to earn XP from assessments and small demonstrations of skills and process mastery, compare their progress with other students and level up to English awesomeness! 

    For a bit more on games, Claire Amos tracked down this sweet TED talk where Gabe Zichermann talks about gamification and an awesome digital tree in the dashboard of the new Toyota Prius which grows when you drive in an environmentally nice manner and dies when you don't. Loving it! We're getting all amped thinking about other gamification possibilities...

  • Hamish Chalmers 17 Oct 2011 10:06am () in One way that I'll be using ICT to support teaching in term 4 is.....

    That's totally awesome! I bet there's some weather proof, wireless, battery-operated cams on trademe or somewhere that could be permanently mounted on a roof or some such hard to-get-to location to stimmy opportunist thieves. Not sure about the resolution but I know there's some security cams that have a pretty decent top-end in that respect.