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  • Jen Bates 27 Oct 2011 9:33pm () in What are you doing in your school?

    Rangitoto College is going 'BYOD' at the start of 2012, will some trials underway already in certain areas. We are at the jumping off point and I look forward to seeing how 2012 pans out with devices in our classrooms.

    Students are invited to bring devices if they wish to do so. Any device that can connect to our wireless is suitable, we expect to see mostly laptops and netbooks primarily, but are also seeing tablets in our trials. We now have high speed wireless in place covering the campus with 130 wireless access points.

    Like Orewa, our LMS will be a central source of information and a starting point for device users to access resources. We are encouraging the use of Google Apps and Mahara My Portfolio as useful tools for staff and students (these will be one of our foci in 2012 PD).

    We have a PD programme in place that is aiming to introduce all staff to the concept and help them prepare for a partially integrated classroom, which is what we expect to begin with. A full PD programme on the 'e-learning classroom' is available to staff now and into 2012. A rubric is in place to help staff reflect on their practice.

    For more info on what Rangi is doing, please see the Rangitoto PD Group where you can download our 'Going Digital' booklet for more information on our BYOD plans and infrastructure.