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  • Michelle Kerr 24 Mar 2015 3:48pm () in Using digital technologies to communicate with whānau

    We primarily use Facebook as that is what our community uses. We have a school Facebook for bulk information etc and each class has a closed group.  Only admin (teachers) can add members and authorise posts.  This works really well.  Parents are encouraged to sign up at meet the teacher day at the beginning of the year and they are asked if they will allow private messaging as a way for non-urgent communication.  Children are not allowed to join the group but the page is shared regularly with them via the Apple Tv so they can see the posts and comments etc....  This has been incredibly effective and has increased communication and involvement of parents a lot.

  • Michelle Kerr 13 Nov 2012 7:56am () in Ipad - leasing or purchase

    Hey Courtney,

    Those cases look cool, and rugged. I will certainly keep them in mind when we purchase thanks for your offer


  • Michelle Kerr 12 Nov 2012 8:27pm () in Ipad - leasing or purchase

    Hi Daniel,

    we got prices from Noel leemings as they offer good discounts for schools.  We then got Noel lemmings finance company to do a quote and equico as well. Both are similar for rent to return but equico was slightly cheaper. 

  • Michelle Kerr 14 Oct 2012 2:39pm () in Ipad - leasing or purchase

    Hi all, I am putting a proposal together for Board to get iPads for next year and wanted some feedback from those who have been through this.  Some of my questions are:

    • lease or purchase? why?
    • if lease - 2 or 3 years?  We have always leased computers for 3 but am wondering if this is still suitable for iPads.  I am thinking it could be very costly to spread over 2 years?
    • do they offer APP for ipads and if so is this necessary.  Again another large cost - I have always found my iPads to be reliable
    • which covers have you found most suitable for iPads?
    • some of our Macs are due to have their lease renewed - do we renew these and continue to have laptops in classes as well as iPads?

    I would love to hear your ideas and tips so that have lots of information to back up my proposal


  • Michelle Kerr 31 Aug 2012 3:33pm () in iTranslate Voice HD

    Good information Anne. We are with SmartneT so will ring them to see what they can do to ensure a smooth integration.  A lot of money to spend so don't want issues.

  • Michelle Kerr 31 Aug 2012 3:02pm () in iTranslate Voice HD

    Interesting comment that pricked my ears up.  We are currently on a proxy set server which causes all sorts of problems with laptops between home and school but are wanting to bring in ipads.  One big question I had was our would our proxy settings impact on the use of the ipads in the classroom and I think I am hearing that it is going to be an issue.  Am not wanting to spend the dollars until I know devices will work well.  Does anyone have any advice in regard to using ipads on a SMARTnet server short of getting rid of the server.

  • Michelle Kerr 31 Aug 2012 2:41pm () in School Websites.

    Hi Catriona,

    The school I am currently with plus the previous two schools I was at use KiwiSchools as their school website platform.  I have been involved with KiwiSchools for around 8 years now and have always found them excellent to work with.  Yes there is a cost to set up the website and then an ongoing yearly cost to run it but I have always found this to be worthwhile for the ease of use.  The cost is based on your school roll and the set up costs depend on what type of design you choose. What I like about it is it is professional looking, you can make adapations easily to the site with a simple phonecall or email and it is able to be updated and managed by teachers with basic computing skills.  Staff can be given different rights which allows them to fully administer or just access their blogs which are part of the package.  Class blogs can have RSS feeds attached for those that wish to follow and links to facebook and twitter can be embedded into the front page. You can look at some of the sites they have created and pricing information on their website at http://www.kiwischools.co.nz/

    I know some schools are going towards using Google Sites and Word Press as their websites and I have seen some great professional looking ones and some that look downright horrible andunappealling.  I guess the question is if there is someone at school who has the skills to develop and maintain a free site so that it looks professional of if some assistance is required by the use of a paid site.  If someone is able to develop a free site, what would happen to that site if that person left or are there many people with the skills to maintain it/

  • Michelle Kerr 23 Aug 2012 9:28pm () in iPads in the Junior Classroom

    Have you had a look at this, the snapshot has some good ideas as will as tips for using in the classroom.  Found it really useful. /pages/view/500245/snapshot-ipads-in-a-junior-classroom

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