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Hazel Owen's discussion posts

  • Hazel Owen 23 Nov 2010 11:34am () in Help

    Starting with one for Glen and the development team. I am probably missing the obvious...the embed function only allows me to upload a file. I am really, really desparate to embed content from elsewhere, and once students start using the space and creating their own content, to encourage them to do so too. So, key embeds for me would be from Voicethread, Voki, and Blip.tv.

    I have just tried going directly to the HTML as well and adding the embed code (and in the case of Voki trying lots of the different options that they give) and have had no luck. I could just be being dumb here!! (And hope this is the case).

    Understand there are security issues, but....(it also helps with storage issues, and, when students move on, they can still access their work -  a move towards portable ePortfolios).

  • Hazel Owen 23 Nov 2010 11:29am () in Help

    The help button brings you here, so seems to be a good place to ask and answer questions about functionality etc Cool