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  • Chris Bradbeer 17 Oct 2014 8:49pm () in Modern Learning Environment Furniture Tips

    Hi Nix

    This is a couple of year's old but still relevant I think:


    Key lessons in furniture procurement:

    1) Don't buy too much - you can always buy more as you learn more about the requirements of learners and your space. In my opinion less is certainly more. When it comes to furniture you can certainly have too much of a good thing.
    2) If your intention is for flexibility and you buy too much furniture,  however well designed it is, you have nowhere to actually flexible it into!
    3) Different learners like different heights. 
    4) Whiteboard tables, used well, are great!
    5) Think about the learning settings you're after first, and then decide what sort of furniture will best lend itself to it. Starting with the 'why?', as always, leads to a better result in practice. 
    6) Think about an overall school philosophy on colour - do you want to go for lots of coloured tables, or a simpler look and let soft furnishings 'pop' with colour.
    7) And of course, as Hamish suggests, get lots of student voice. 
    8) Note though, if learners haven't experienced different styles/ heights/ designs etc they may need to build a bit of knowledge to start with. Try to prototype/ borrow samples etc in order to find out what works best in your context. Many furniture companies will be happy to lend out a few samples to help the process.

    Hope that helps. Happy to share some more thoughts, photos etc.


  • Chris Bradbeer 13 Aug 2014 2:09pm () in Collaborative Planning - What does it look like on screen?

    Nice visual Mark. A great way to illustrate your thinking. One of the key decisions when working together in this way is coming to an understnding in terms of where to invest the collaborative effort. It does, as you've noted, take time. So what in that case is worth doing together, what's worth coordinating and getting people to do and then bring together, and what's done better on your own? The online tools are really useful to help the collaboration. It then means you can decide what needs to be done synchronously or asynchronously. We've used Google sites/ docs extensively but the iugo looks interesting too. Keen to hear what others are doing too.

  • Chris Bradbeer 26 Feb 2014 4:51pm () in Self directed learning in a MLE

    Hi Kyra

    You're very welcome to come to Stonefields if you're up this way. Tuesdays 9-11 are best for us


  • Chris Bradbeer 25 Feb 2014 6:15pm () in Self directed learning in a MLE

    Hi Cathie

    Happy to share what we are doing at Stonefields in Auckand. Our model is based on three teachers working together collaboratively with much of the planning, learning design etc online for learners.

    You might find a couple of things useful on openlearningspaces.blogspot.co.nz

    Might be able to put you in touch with some other schools but not sure where you are.

    School email is chris@stonefields.shool.nz