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Hazel Owen's discussion posts

  • Hazel Owen 29 May 2014 3:41pm () in Sharing our mihi.

    Here's my digital mihi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ncyg-ywrqM (would have embedded but the VLN won't allow YouTube embeds :-( (only school YouTube embeds)...ah well :-)

  • Hazel Owen 29 May 2014 3:39pm () in Sharing our mihi.

  • Hazel Owen 10 Jun 2013 2:13pm () in UDL, access and creativity

    Inspirational!! It's a way re-framing the way we consider people...it helps take away labels, and challenge pre-conceptions. What could happen if we did that for everyone? If, for all our learners, we looked through what we think we see, and provide the freedom for them to show us what they can really do. Priceless, Chrissie (and Ewan), thank you Cool

  • Hazel Owen 28 May 2013 2:46pm () in Principal ePortfolios

    Some interesting questions :-)

    One way of thinking about ePortfolios is as a performance, which links directly to the purpose(s) you have for having an ePortfolio (and MyPortfolio...and similar tools are great to help with the flexibility to do this)

    I developed the diagram below to capture and illustrate the following notions:

    * The differences between developmental (reflections, feedback from critical friends, etc) and showcase/professional (this is the 'face' you share with everyone - quite probably after having it in the developmental iterative cycle of improvement for a while)
    * Private/public space
    * Trust/rapport
    * 'Rehearse'/develop as a group as well as an individual
    * Collection of 'projects' backstage - some half-finished, some ready for the next production, some still in the concept phase, some abandoned
    * Spend time as an apprentice, sweeping, painting scenery, learning the vocabulary
    * Start to rehearse. Feedback from director/peers (work collaboratively to interpret a script)
    * Personality - interpretation of the script (role/appraisal/assessment/rubric)
    * Audience - who are they? Appropriacy. Don't always know (global)
    * Dress rehearsal/first night - iterative feedback loop



  • Hazel Owen 21 Feb 2013 3:01pm () in Embedding assessment in ePortfolios....

    SunglassesSome of the questions that you may want to discuss include:

    • What do we want to achieve by assessing our students?
    • How can we empower and encourage students to focus on their progress?
    • How can we better involve parents/whānau in the assessment process?
    • How do we frame this within the The New Zealand Curriculum?
    Image: Classy sunglasses cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo by Jason Pier in DC
  • Hazel Owen 21 Aug 2012 1:50pm () in Why Twitter?

    And, as any good student (doh) - I didn't read the instructions and have included 5 in my reply ;-) Interesting to see that the respondents so far have all use short replies a lá Twitter Wink

  • Hazel Owen 21 Aug 2012 1:49pm () in Why Twitter?

    Agree with all those below Cool


    • Sense of a community and willingness to share / celebrate - love it!! (especially re-tweet and @ mentions)
    • Keeps me current...
    • Global connections are awesome (Annemarie mentions this)
    • A 'filtered' (by who I choose to follow) conversation / links to resources - saves me oodles of time
    • Inspiration - there's always something relevant and interesting

    My Twitter name is @howen Smile

  • Hazel Owen 05 Mar 2012 11:53am () in Are Learning Management Systems getting the job done...what are your thoughts?

    Thanks, Nick Cool I won't jump in with comments yet, but have lots of thoughts around the subject especially around the focus that an LMS is a cure-all for learning experiences...and often ends up as a dusty repository. Cheers. Hazel

  • Hazel Owen 07 Nov 2011 2:33pm () in Take the 30 day challenge

    Love the ideas that are coming through here, and the discussion around them Cool


    Three more for the mix:

    • I would suggest including students who will be taught by this teacher in your interview panel. If they are encouraged to take a role of responsibility and ask open questions, you will learn heaps about the way the applicant interacts with the students - not just at the time of the question(s) but also at the start and end of the interview. And then, debrief fully with the students and find out what insights they had gained Laughing
    • Look for applicants who have a track record of reflection...could be a blog, a journal, or contributions to a community, or it could be private reflections conducted in an ePortfolio around planning professional goals.
    • And talking of professional goals, I would most definitely agree with all those contributors above who talk about examples of upskilling. Perhaps, though, I would be looking for informal examples of professional learning (such as the discussions in professional learning communities like this one), as well as more formal ones.
  • Hazel Owen 23 Nov 2010 11:35am () in Help

    Another quick question - is there anywhere I can access documentation / vids / screencasts for this specific instance of ELGG (I know it's stiil prototype, and this is unlikely, but I feel bad that I keep bugging you guys!! Frown).