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    Feedback from the selection panel has been sent out today.

    Started by Ed Strafford 30 Mar 2015 4:31pm () Replies (1) Last reply by Ed Strafford
    Kia ora koutou, All the 204 teachers who submitted proposals will have received feedback from the panel today. As some of you will be among that 204, or associated with the proposals, I hope that you are finding the feedback helpful. If...
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    Teacher's working collaboratively

    Started by Maree Harris 18 Feb 2015 9:36am () Replies (5) Last reply by Valay Raman
    Hi there We are working on our application...I know the cut off is only 2 days away!  We have a new MLE building in the process for next year and we have started working with our teachers to move everyone towards working together...
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    Integrated Curriculum in High School

    Started by Gautam Ahlawat 12 Jan 2015 11:30am () Replies (12) Last reply by Brad Williamson
    Greetings All, I am keen to apply for funding from TLIF for integrated curriculum in High School context. Are there any teachers looking at this - either in the high school context or even primary and intermediate.   Cheers, Gautam
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    Next Friday, the 20th of February, is when applications close for the Teacher-led Innovation Fund.

    Started by Ed Strafford 10 Feb 2015 3:31pm () Replies (1) Last reply by Ed Strafford
    Applications for the Teacher-led Innovation fund close on Friday 20th of February. If you've been quietly performing minor miracles in the classroom, or have a promising theory or two that you want to road test, we would love receive your...
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    A possible ITF concept

    Started by Bu Windsor 09 Feb 2015 4:34pm () Replies (2) Last reply by Ed Strafford
    I'm thinking of putting in an application to further research the strength-based teaching methods we've been using successfully here for a couple of years. I've done some initial research but can't find any information about other...
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    Idea for fund application

    Started by Fran Mes 09 Feb 2015 11:41am () Replies (3) Last reply by Ed Strafford
    Hi there my idea is to investigate and inquire into how kids can develop maths skills and strategies through learning how to code. Does anyone have any links to anyone with coding as part of the school day &/or research being done in this...
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    Does my project fit the criteria?

    Started by tim morgan 31 Jan 2015 2:39pm () Replies (4) Last reply by Ed Strafford
    I have spent 18months provided online mentoring and professional develop in the area of primary physical eduaction. I share original resources and even a whole school curriculum approach that aligns with other providers. Im keen to extend,...
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    Thanks 'early adopters' :-)

    Started by Ed Strafford 28 Nov 2014 5:17pm () Replies (3) Last reply by Ed Strafford
    Thanks Jo, Graham, Stephen and Tessa for joining Brett and in this group space this week! If you think the group is going to be useful please tell your friends. If you aren't sure, yet, if it will be useful .... please tell us...
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    Merry Xmas - I'm back on the 20th of January

    Started by Ed Strafford 19 Dec 2014 5:42pm () Replies (1) Last reply by Ed Strafford
    Kia ora e te whānau o TLiF, I hope we all have a great break with family and friends :-) I'll be off-line for a whole 4 weeks, in the meantime, please make sense of of all the opportunities together!! and/or send inquiries...
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    Question from part B of the Concept Form re 'communities'

    Started by Sue Smith 15 Dec 2014 6:10pm () Replies (3) Last reply by Ed Strafford
    Can I have a little more specific guidance on what is meant by 'describe any communities' please. Is a focus group of parents from the school which you are going to work with a 'community' or are they part of the project? Many...
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    Started by Charlotte Verity 07 Dec 2014 6:57pm () Replies (2) Last reply by Ed Strafford
    Hi...some of us at my school are very keen on getting a whole school student wellbeing programme underway, and then reviewing and assessing effectiveness. Could this fund be used for that? The money would help us research various programmes in use...
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    Project Idea

    Started by Stephen Wood 28 Nov 2014 7:35pm () Replies (4) Last reply by Ed Strafford
    Hi all I implemented a LIP (literacy intervention program) this year with the emphasis on enthusiasm & motivation in writing across our school (with emphasis on boys Y3-8), with some success. I found that the engagement of parents in the...