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    How's it all going with your preparation for ACET 2015?

    Started by Leah 05 Jun 2015 9:40pm () Replies (9) Last reply by Sharon
      After attending the NZEI meeting last night - I was completely confused.... Going in, I really thought I was an exemplary teacher. After the meeting, I walked out thinking that I wasn't. Did anyone else feel like this? I have...
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    Facebook Page

    Started by Shar Joyce 31 Mar 2016 9:18am () Replies (7) Last reply by Shar Joyce
    Is there a Facebook page for ACET Teachers?  If so - what is it called?   Thanks 
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    Started by Fiona Taylor 16 Jul 2015 12:24pm () Replies (7) Last reply by Bryanna O'Regan
    Feeling very stressed by this. There seems to be little help, I did ask. I found the meeting confusing. Exemplars would be useful. 
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    Portfolio Content and Format

    Started by Janene Maloney 10 Jul 2014 10:21pm () Replies (19) Last reply by MWT64
    Hi everyone :) It would be great to hear how you are getting on with your portfolios. How are you all planning to present your Portfolio? What evidence are you planning on using to demonstrate your practice? What are you working on first? Keen...
  • ACET Recognition for 2015

    Started by Jeanette Hinerangi Eruera Murphy 23 Feb 2015 6:36pm () Replies (9) Last reply by Janene Maloney
    Kia ora koutou Last year I was in two minds about submitting an expression of interest for the ACET recognition and chose not to given the amount of work that I had deemed necessary for the portfolio.  I did however continue to follow this...
  • Section A: Overall Impact

    Started by Janene Maloney 09 Aug 2014 12:43pm () Replies (22) Last reply by Sally Roach
    Hi Everyone :) Hope you're going well with putting together your portfolios (or have already got them away). I'm strugglig a bit with Section A and what's required. Are they after a summary of all the other sections or maybe an overview of our...
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    Feeling lost.......

    Started by Bryanna O'Regan 24 Jul 2014 10:16pm () Replies (2) Last reply by Megan
    Where do we start.....any ideas? I have a folder of bits and pieces but can't decide what the panel actually want.
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    Typing into the Portfolio form

    Started by Sue Atkinson 15 Jul 2014 10:42am () Replies (2) Last reply by Janene Maloney
    I think I've cracked it!  In order to be able to type into the pdf using a Windows computer you need to save the pdf as an Adobe Acrobat document. To do this you need to install Adobe Reader XI onto your computer and make that your default...
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    Started by @PalmyTeacher 14 Jul 2014 9:39pm () Replies (3) Last reply by Sally Roach
    I was wondering how many pieces of evidence are we allowed to enter? For some reason I thought it was 5 per category? Now I'm thinking it's more. I know they should be able to read it in 30 mins but I'd rather add in more evidence and they can...
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    Started by @PalmyTeacher 13 Jul 2014 12:35pm () Replies (7) Last reply by Sally Roach
    Hey, I have been filling out the porfolio and it's pretty tricky! 500 words to explain your classroom practice is not much! I have pretty much been working on it all week and have just about finished. A couple of questions? Can we use PAGES as a...