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  • Quadblogging Aotearoa 2017

    Started by Barbara Reid 05 Feb 2017 7:49pm () Replies (1) Last reply by Barbara Reid
    Hi there. Quadblogging Aotearoa is now open for 2017. Sign up here  We look forward to your participation.
  • Best Blog Post of 2015

    Started by Allanah King 28 Nov 2015 3:39pm () Replies (2) Last reply by Katarina Moore
    For the last few years I have curated a Google Site to promote people's class blogs and act as an exemplar for kiwi blogs. If you would like to share the URL web address of your favourite post from your blog I will add it to the...
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    Passwords for accessing Blogs

    Started by Steve Trotter 25 Feb 2015 2:03pm () Replies (3) Last reply by Steve Trotter
    Hi, If a class blog is not viewable without a login what would be the easiest method for Quad Blogging 'partnership' schools? We could make each class a member of their blog - so that they have to sign in to comment? Any other ideas from...
  • Great connections made in 2014

    Started by Marnel van der Spuy 22 Feb 2015 2:44pm () Replies (3) Last reply by Marnel van der Spuy
    Four classes and four teachers thoroughly enjoyed our quad in 2014!  We all agreed that we've made some great connections with each other and our classes.  As such, we've decided that we would like to keep in touch with each other...
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    change blog address and email

    Started by Kerri Thompson 22 Feb 2015 4:33pm () Replies (1) Last reply by Kerri Thompson
    Hi Barb, I know you emailed me about putting my class blog address on the spreadsheet. I have also just noticed my email slightly wrong too. it should all lower case  kerri.thompson@tamateaint.ac.nz (no capital letter on the...
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    International classes involvement in quad blogging

    Started by Lisa Ward 19 Feb 2015 4:04pm () Replies (4) Last reply by Nic
    Hi everyone Just wondering if I'm able to sign up my Year 6 class in Baku, Azerbaijan for Quadblogging? I'm a teacher from Nelson. I understand this facility might only be intended for access by NZ classes. Cheers, Lisa
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    Signing up to quad blogging

    Started by Buffy T 01 Feb 2015 6:48pm () Replies (2) Last reply by Barbara Reid
    Hi, Help, where do i sign up for 2015? Thanks in advance! Buffy
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    What is In Your Backyard?

    Started by Nic 15 Jan 2015 9:42am () Replies (3) Last reply by Nic
    Our first inquiry this year is called, "What is in your backyard?" It would be great if we could get as many schools as possible to add to this What Is In Your Backyard? answering the following questions: 1. What school...
  • 2015 quadblogging

    Started by Angelee Jarrett 15 Jan 2015 9:00am () Replies (3) Last reply by Nic
    Looking forward to learning how quadblogging works this year through Quadblogging Aotearoa!  Glad to have found this group.  Any tips and advice around this form of collaboration greatly appreciated!
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    Continued quadblogging

    Started by Rachel O'Connell 27 Apr 2014 4:56pm () Replies (2) Last reply by Barbara Reid
    Hi, just a quick query.  If you have registered for Quadblogging in Term 1, do you need to re-register for Term 2 or will you automatically be put in another quadblogging group?  Just keen to carry on that's all. Cheers
  • Setting up a new blog

    Started by Steph Kitto 19 Jan 2014 7:43am () Replies (11) Last reply by Myles Webb
    Looking at different class blogs last year I noticed that some teachers keep the same blog each year and their new class adds to it, while others start a new blog each year.  I'd really appreciate peoples thoughts about wether to continue with...
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    "How to" blogging instructions

    Started by justin hickey 28 Jan 2014 9:05pm () Replies (5) Last reply by justin hickey
    Hi people. I'm wodering if you could help me as I'm have a brain freeze. I am scheduled to give a PD session for some staff members on how to set up a class blog. I am trying to find a straight forward, step by step "how to" tutorial to use rather...
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    Best Blog Post of 2013

    Started by Allanah King 10 Nov 2013 8:12pm () Replies (1) Last reply by Allanah King
    For the last couple of years I have curated a Google site that shares the one best blog post of people's blogs over the last year. https://sites.google.com/site/linklearningexemplars/2013 If you would like to add your favourite blog post of the...
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    Blogging / Website / Wiki

    Started by Jo Langdon 01 Sep 2013 8:40pm () Replies (13) Last reply by Jo Langdon
    Hi there, I am at the very beginning of my ICT journey.  I am wanting to trial the use of blogging and/or a classroom website at our school and was hoping someone could give me a simply explaination of the differences/ pros/ cons between the...
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    If you join you commit to commenting

    Started by Josie Woon 28 Sep 2013 12:49am () Replies (1) Last reply by Josie Woon
    I was really disappointed after 4 weeks to have one comment on our blog.  My class went on each day and left comments on our quadblogging classes blogs.  I think if you commit to this then you need to commit to  actually commenting i...
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    Speak Pipe

    Started by Keryn Wilson 18 Sep 2013 9:00pm () Replies (1) Last reply by Keryn Wilson
    I have put SpeakPipe on my blog and it is really neat. My 5 year olds love to get the messages. Sometimes we can reply and other times, no. Do I need to download them to reply? With some of them there has been a reply button and it was easy....
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    class blogging

    Started by Frances Nimmo 03 Sep 2013 10:02am () Replies (8) Last reply by Angela Lee
    Hi - new to blogging. When using a class blogger account, can anyone tell me the max. number of devices that can be connected to the interface at one time, please? At the moment i am having problems with lost posts when 15 students are commenting on...
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    Quadblogging Aotearoa Term 3 - 2013

    Started by Marnel van der Spuy 20 Jul 2013 3:03pm () Replies (3) Last reply by Marnel van der Spuy
    Hi Barbs, Was just wondering if we have to sign up to new quads for Term 3 or do we carry on with the ones we've had in Term 2? My ss really enjoyed this experience - thanks!  
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    Blogging in te reo

    Started by Barbara Reid 17 Jun 2013 12:05pm () Replies (1) Last reply by Barbara Reid
    Are there any classes blogging in te reo. Looking for a NZ Year 7/8 class to swap blog comments with - in te reo! http://mokoiaint-k3.blogspot.co.nz/
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    Number of posts

    Started by Suzie Vesper 26 May 2013 3:04pm () Replies (4) Last reply by Gabe.H
    Hi all. Just a thought about the number of blog posts suggested for when you are the lead blog. I don't think I can maintain a blog post a day in our Year 7/8 class with so many other disruptions to our week such as technology, winter sport etc....