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    Moderation for Minecraft in NCEA

    Started by Richard McLaren 16 Sep 2016 10:20am () Replies (1) Last reply by Richard McLaren
    Kia ora koutou, just wondering if anyone has any pearls of wisdom in regards to submitting student work in Minecraft to NZQA for moderation. At this stage, we're thinking of exporting the students' worlds to pen drive and sending that...
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    Minecraft in Auckland

    Started by Rachel 03 May 2016 3:09pm () Replies (1) Last reply by Rachel
    Hi all, Is anyone using minecraftedu in Auckland? I would love to pick your brains!
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    Minecraft on Chromebooks

    Started by Rachel 01 Dec 2015 2:48pm () Replies (6) Last reply by Rachel
    Has anyone had any luck playing minecraft on chromebooks? Rachel :)
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    Minecraft Plugins

    Started by hamishwadsworth 26 Nov 2015 8:32am () Replies (2) Last reply by flowin
    Hi, am a couple of weeks into setting up a Minecraft server and would like to know what plugins people are finding useful. I am specifically looking for a plugin that allows me to restrict/whitelist which users can access the different worlds we...
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    Will MinecraftEDU work on the lowest spec MacBook Air?

    Started by Carol Kendall 23 Apr 2015 7:18pm () Replies (4) Last reply by Hamish McLean
    Our older Macbooks are coming to the end of their lease, and we don't want to purchase them. The cheapest option (in terms of Apple) to lease in future is 11" Macbook Airs with 128GB Flash storage. I have licences for 14 copies of...
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    Gallipoli in Minecraft

    Started by Mike Shorter 21 Apr 2015 11:02am () Replies (1) Last reply by Mike Shorter
    I found this if anyone else is interested? Its a map of the landing at Gallipoli that students can interact with on Minecraft. Here is the link if you are...
  • Minecraft Edu costs

    Started by CraigMcD 27 Feb 2014 6:57am () Replies (15) Last reply by Monika Kern
    Hi everyone, new to the group! Is anyone using minecraft Edu at school? I'm interested in the costs and what this allows. My biggest frustration is having students' work griefed by anonymous users... Maybe the Edu set up enables us to avoid this??...
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    Educamp Minecraft

    Started by Annemarie Hyde 06 Aug 2014 9:22am () Replies (1) Last reply by Annemarie Hyde
    Great to see people posting in this groups and there are lots of ideas and questions. Why not come to Rotorua to an educamp at Mokoia Intermediate where we can share these successes and queries? The link...
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    Enabling e-Learning event: Gaming in the classroom

    Started by Tessa Gray 22 Oct 2013 2:19pm () Replies (3) Last reply by Tessa Gray
    You're invited to join us in the following FREE webinar event:  Webinar: Gaming in education: 13 November 2013, 3.45-4.45pm Gaming in education has huge potential for engaging and motivating learners, as well as developing key comptencies...
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    Using Minecraft Puzzle Maps in the classroom

    Started by Kassey Downard 24 Sep 2013 2:35pm () Replies (3) Last reply by Kassey Downard
    Puzzle maps has become the latest craze in my classroom. They are maps created for single player mode. Players have to manipulate their way through obstacles and challenges to complete each map. In order to complete these challenges players have to...
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    Minecraft server online and available 24hrs a day

    Started by Stephen Lethbridge 18 Sep 2013 12:43pm () Replies (1) Last reply by Stephen Lethbridge
    We have used YAMS Yet Another Minecraft Server to create our persistent world. It is housed on a virtual server and I remote in using a remote desktop connection to then configure the available servers. I remote in becasue YAMS administration...
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    Using Minecraft for Assessment

    Started by Andrew de Wit 04 Sep 2013 9:54pm () Replies (9) Last reply by Kassey Downard
    I am currently using Minecraft as an assesment tool in maths, getting my students to "tell me everything they know about fractions, decimals and ratios. Well! the focus, problem solving, sharing ideas has been amazing!! Not as quick to complete and...
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    Just starting out with minecraft

    Started by Sharron Gray 20 Jun 2013 8:47pm () Replies (12) Last reply by Caroline Bush
    We were against minecraft as we saw it just as another distraction in school. However a couple of our students have brought us round. We have a student who sets up a temp server in the classroom at lunchtimes. They have since convinced us of it's...
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    Have any of you tried the world of humanties

    Started by Sharron Gray 25 Jul 2013 12:11pm () Replies (1) Last reply by Sharron Gray
    Would appreciate your thoughts on the world of humanties. looks fantastic intend to try it out next term with a class of students. Will keep you posted. http://minecraftedu.com/wiki/index.php?title=Teaching_with_MinecraftEdu The link
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    How long is too long?

    Started by Caroline Bush 20 Jun 2013 6:48pm () Replies (2) Last reply by Annemarie Hyde
    Our tech has been working on getting us a virtual server so I can have groups of learners use minecraft offline - so far it's been five weeks and today's message was 'it will take a long time and is actually quite a difficult thing to create'...
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    Minecraftedu v Regular Account

    Started by Caroline Bush 22 May 2013 11:02am () Replies (5) Last reply by Carol Kendall
    Wonderings from a non-gamer... For those already using MInecraft with their classes are you using the Edu version or a regular account? What are the affordances/constraints of either. All advice/wonderings gratefully appreciated....
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    Update from Taupaki

    Started by Stephen Lethbridge 17 Jun 2013 11:27am () Replies (4) Last reply by Carol Kendall
    We are not yet set up for Minecraft - I am still away from school on leave. I hopefully have the techie sorted to think about Minecraft Server on our school machine. I am also going to experiment with PrintCraft - where you log in to the PrintCraft...
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    iPad v PC

    Started by Caroline Bush 12 Jun 2013 12:50pm () Replies (3) Last reply by Stephen Lethbridge
    Hi all Anyone know if there are any issues with minecraft games  collaborating  between a PC and an iPad? I have a student with minecraft on his iPad but his parents would also like to have it on their PC so that the other children in the...
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    Beginner in minecraft

    Started by Nicki 12 Jun 2013 9:39am () Replies (3) Last reply by Caroline Bush
    I am really keen to get Minecraft started in my classroom.  I have no idea about the game but have a group of avid gamers.  I want to hook them into literacy through minecraft.  Any ideas?  I have downloaded the lite version on...