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    Printing from google photos

    Started by Natasha Furness 20 Aug 2015 7:02am () Replies (1) Last reply by Natasha Furness
    Hi there,  I just wondered if anyone knows of a way I can print lots of photos at once from google photos. I have 30 photos which I want to send to the printer but I can't find a way to select them and then print. I can only do it when I...
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    Password Recovery for students

    Started by Steve Trotter 05 Jun 2014 5:27pm () Replies (16) Last reply by Peter Corlett
    Hi, As the e-Learning coordinator at my school I often receive emails from parents that their child has forgotten their Google password. We have sent home 'paper' with passwords on them, but I still receive 1-2 emails a week (not to mention the...
  • help with Maori tuition in class

    Started by Andrew Sinton-White 22 Jul 2015 3:32pm () Replies (9) Last reply by Jacinda Panther
    Kia ora, I'm a Year 7/8 teacher in a remote school on the West Coast. I'm looking to hook my students up (through hangouts if possible) with a bilingual or full immersion Maori class to help with their Te Reo (basic level). 
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    Music in Class

    Started by Rob Gunn 27 Mar 2015 11:44am () Replies (10) Last reply by Hamish McLean
    Hello all, We are a GAFE school with 1:1 using chromebooks. Our students like to listen to music but we are troubled by several issues e.g. time taken searching for music, inappropriate music lyrics, etc as you can imagine. We have challenged...
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    Can a school have a centralised school owned Google Drive?

    Started by Carmen Marshall 13 Aug 2015 10:42am () Replies (19) Last reply by Rob Gunn
    Hi there As a school we have many docs which we would like to have saved in a school owned Google Drive, not in a staff members drive.  As most schools we have teachers/admin staff coming and going and getting copies or changing the...
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    App to record movies and easily upload to each child's google drive

    Started by Nix 05 Aug 2015 8:44pm () Replies (8) Last reply by Clive Francis
    We have androids and are looking for an app that can take video and then be uploaded or synced easily to our students Google Drive accounts.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Gmail policy and procedures for students

    Started by Jane 17 Jul 2015 3:22pm () Replies (12) Last reply by Jane
    Hi All We are looking to set our Year 7/8 student's up with Gmail accounts so they can utilise GAFE. Just wondering if anyone can share how they went about getting parent consent or if you have any standard parental request letters or...
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    Multiple RSS Feeds

    Started by Sarah Johnston 15 Jul 2015 3:49pm () Replies (4) Last reply by Monika Kern
    Just wondering if someone can help me (have spent hours trawling the internet with no luck!) We are just starting to use google sites for our school webpage. I am wanting to combine multiple blogs into 1 rss feed on our school...
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    Saving Google Slide for the future

    Started by Heather Harper 02 Jul 2015 3:12pm () Replies (5) Last reply by Heather Harper
    I'm wondering if anyone can help me. We are a GAFE school, however at the end of year 8 our students Google accounts are stopped as they go to a highschool. This year all our students have created really cool Student led conference Slide...
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    Google Photos

    Started by Martine 31 May 2015 2:46pm () Replies (6) Last reply by Martine
    I'm really keen to get the all new Google Photos up and running as an easy way for our staff to have their iPad photos synced straight to their Drives without any fuss. But as yet I don't see the option available in my Drive. It shows up in...
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    Saving videos in a GAFE school

    Started by Bronwyn Gibbs 15 Jun 2015 6:19pm () Replies (11) Last reply by Steve Trotter
    Hi all,  We are looking for a solution for how to store student videos, and are wondering how other schools do this. Currently our students save their videos to their google drive, but we were wondering whether to enable them to have their...
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    Solutions Provider Companies

    Started by Rachel 15 Jun 2015 10:53am () Replies (1) Last reply by Rachel
    Hi everyone, I'd like to hear more about the external support people have received, from solutions provider companies, as they move into using GAFE. Any particularly easy and well supported journeys or particularly difficult ones? Thank...
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    Movie making

    Started by nicki fielder 13 Jun 2015 2:46pm () Replies (4) Last reply by Leigh Hynes
    Hi there, Just wondering if anyone can suggest the best / easiest way for kids to make movies using chrome books / google apps etc. Thanks Nicki
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    How to down load you tube clips

    Started by Kate Crawford 05 Jun 2015 1:36pm () Replies (14) Last reply by Ruth Soper
    Kia Ora I am wanting to use video clips from you tube and have students use their voice over the clips.  We use ipads and have individual Chromebooks for the students. Any ideas please. Thanks Kate
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    Editing a Table in Google Sites

    Started by Jared Holden 09 Jun 2015 9:49pm () Replies (5) Last reply by Tim Thatcher
    Hi all I need some serious help. My school has been 'shared' a Google site for Teacher Profolios. We have copied it etc and now have our own copy and are in the process of amending it for our own use. But we have a slight problem. On some...
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    CS-First - Google Backed Computer Clubs Promoting Scratch Programming

    Started by Robbie McGOUGAN 10 Jun 2015 7:45am () Replies (1) Last reply by Robbie McGOUGAN
    At Waihi East Primary School we have started running a Google Computer Science First (Google CS First) after school club twice a week beginning in early May 2015. Google have set up themes to help promote the teaching of programming (using Scratch)...
  • Embedding Non-Google Content

    Started by Grant Peacock 21 Apr 2015 7:24pm () Replies (9) Last reply by Monika Kern
    I'm hoping someone can shed some light on why the embed code I try to use in my GAFE site never work.  We dropped KnowledgeNet last year in favour of using GAFE but embed codes I was familiar with using and working in KnowledgeNet don't...
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    Adding Users more Easily

    Started by Warren Grieve 21 May 2015 12:15pm () Replies (3) Last reply by Tim Harper
    Apart from an LDAP sync with GoogleApps (I can't do this just yet) has anyone found a way with the new interface to load students directly (many at a time) into an organization. I find if I can do this then it is easy to delete them when...
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    Started by Erana Kihi 19 May 2015 5:33pm () Replies (1) Last reply by Erana Kihi
    Kia Ora, Te Wharekura o Rakaumanga are looking at starting some e-portfolio's for our students this year and we are looking for some templates either in English or Te Reo if anybody is free to share it would be very much appreciated.
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    My students want to create a website?

    Started by NicolaC 09 May 2015 5:45pm () Replies (8) Last reply by NicolaC
    Hi My year 4,5, and 6 students have asked to learn how to create a website. I've played around with different ways over the years but would love some current insight.  I'd like to show their process of learning through our latest...