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    Trying to get invitation

    Started by Caron Tuhura 08 Jul 2013 10:21pm () Replies (2) Last reply by admin
    Mauri ora koutou. Just joined up and am attending a 'Picking up the Pace' -Accelerating success for Maori Students course in the next two weeks. Part of the course requirements was to join here, however, I am having a problem with the group...
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    Setting up Group home page

    Started by Moana Timoko 07 Jul 2013 6:19pm () Replies (2) Last reply by Glen
    Hi there - I've just recently joined a the Quad Blogging Aotearoa group and see that the page has been set up with awesome pages/widget pages and the titles appearing are: (1st - Blank) 2nd - Getting started with Quad Blogging - How do you do that?...
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    following blogs

    Started by Sandy Dougherty 08 May 2013 1:07pm () Replies (3) Last reply by Leigh Hynes
    I want to subscribe to a couple of blogs that don't have RSS feeds and I can't find a way to get some sort of notice that there is a new post. These same blogs also don't seem to have an email options. I tried using flipboard but couldn't this app...
  • Can't find this group?

    Started by Ayan Nelisi 27 Apr 2013 8:17am () Replies (3) Last reply by Catriona Pene
    Hi can someone please invite me to the 'Growing Leadership Capacity' group. I have to set my goals before Monday and i cant seem to find this group anywhere?  
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    Hawkes bay harvest

    Started by Helen McKoy 09 Apr 2013 3:42pm () Replies (5) Last reply by admin
    I am trying to join this group. I have instructions to follow and have registered and logged in. I am supposed to have an invitation when clicking "group invitations", but it says there are no invitations for me. What do I do please?
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    trying to find mentoring - the way forward group

    Started by RUBY 04 Apr 2013 7:17pm () Replies (2) Last reply by Leigh Hynes
    Hi, seem to be having trouble finding my group.  suggestions??
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    Trying to register for Primary Science Conference workshops

    Started by Napier Central School 28 Mar 2013 7:28am () Replies (2) Last reply by admin
    Apparently, according to the instructions I have been given, I should be able to accept an invitation under Group invitations since I have received confirmation of my login and password but I do not have an invitation.  Any ideas.
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    Opening discussion threads

    Started by Simon 07 Mar 2013 5:21pm () Replies (2) Last reply by Karen Spencer
    Kia oara I moderate the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) VLN which is a closed site. However, when members post a discussion topic or reply to a topic there is no notification of this activity among the members of the group....
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    Creating Folders

    Started by Julie Luxton 09 Jan 2013 10:48am () Replies (3) Last reply by Catriona Pene
    Is it possible to create folders for group bookmarks in a VLN group?  If so, how does one do this?
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    User has 2 accounts

    Started by Dee Reid 27 Nov 2012 12:50pm () Replies (2) Last reply by Hayden Shaw
    Hey guys - please help me to help one of our Te Manawa Pou participants, Elaine has two accounts, one has a full profile (elaine.newton) and one incomplete profile (ElaineN) - could you please delete the ElaineN account, and please send Elaine an...
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    Lifeskills and Transition teachers NCEA

    Started by Ella 05 Jul 2012 2:30pm () Replies (2) Last reply by Moana Timoko
    I am trying to find out if there is an online community of secondary lifeskills and transition teachers for sharing ideas on teaching and learning/planning/standards etc Does anyone know of one on the VLN or elsewhere? Thanks, Ella
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    Embedding a podcast

    Started by Jane Armstrong Bos 20 Jun 2012 5:27pm () Replies (4) Last reply by Jane Armstrong Bos
    I'm trying to embed a podcast into a blog. When I paste the embed code into the html editor I see the podcast but when I click save it's gone. Have tried to do this in Firefox & Chrome. The code I'm trying to embed is below. I also tried to...
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    embedding videos again

    Started by Chris Jager 17 Jun 2012 11:27am () Replies (3) Last reply by Hayden Shaw
    I am endeavouring to embed a youtube video in a group resource. Despite my carefully placing the cursor at the point I want the video to appear, the window appears at the top of the resource. Have tried all the obvious things (logging in again -...
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    signing in

    Started by Karen Kanon 06 Jun 2012 7:30am () Replies (2) Last reply by Hayden Shaw
    Hi, One of the teachers in my school has registered  and recieved an email. When she clicks the link the page opens and then says" this session has timed out". She can't get any further. Help. Karenk
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    Accessing the VLN

    Started by Breda Matthews 31 May 2012 11:00am () Replies (3) Last reply by Breda Matthews
    Hi, a number of ESOL teachers have been trying to join Jenni Bedford's group on the VLN with no success. This email is typical of the emails I have recieved about this Hi Breda I’ve tried registering with VLN and  have...
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    Registering on the VLN - Acceptance time?

    Started by Moana Timoko 24 May 2012 6:07am () Replies (2) Last reply by Glen
    Kia ora  Can you please let me know what the acceptance time for registering on the VLN is?  Is there a monitoring process for acceptance?  Is it instant and then checked at a later stage?  I am wanting to work with teachers to...
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    Can't add content to a group

    Started by Melinda Bolton 15 May 2012 5:36pm () Replies (9) Last reply by Melinda Bolton
    I've been accepted as a member to a closed group, but can't seem to add new content.  Some other members can add content, some can't.   Does anyone know how to solve this problem or have any ideas?
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    Retrieving an earlier version of my reflective summary

    Started by Claire Amos 09 May 2012 3:19pm () Replies (2) Last reply by Karen Spencer
    Can we retrieve earlier versions?? I just lost my whole reflective summary by trying to paste in an image!!! I thought the coding would show as the image after i hit save, but no, just code. I tried editiing and everything had been replaced by said...
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    Loss of inbox

    Started by Karen Holmes 25 Apr 2012 3:17pm () Replies (2) Last reply by Karen Spencer
    My Inbox has stopped receiving - (emails are ok though) Can anyone tell me how to get them back. Thanks
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    Searching the VLN

    Started by Tessa Gray 24 Apr 2012 2:07pm () Replies (1) Last reply by Tessa Gray
    Hi there, is there any advice you can give to help make 'searching the VLN' easier?  Tess 


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