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    Started by Hazel Owen 23 Nov 2010 11:29am () Replies (16) Last reply by Glen
    The help button brings you here, so seems to be a good place to ask and answer questions about functionality etc
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    Embedding video or uploading media into group/sub-group pages

    Started by Jeanette Hinerangi Eruera Murphy 16 Mar 2011 1:34pm () Replies (12) Last reply by Chrissie Butler
    Hi there... I have just tried to upload a You Tube clip into a subgroup page using the HTML widget. It appears that it is there after I save it and then when I close the window and go back to view it in the group/subgroup main page...it...
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    Started by Glen 11 Jul 2013 12:18pm () Replies (12) Last reply by admin
    If you have any feedback about the VLN Groups, bug reports, suggested enhancements, etc. please post them as a reply to this message.  If you are experiencing technical difficulties with logging in, etc. please email help@vln.school.nz
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    Prioritising groups

    Started by Tessa Gray 01 Apr 2011 1:33pm () Replies (11) Last reply by Karen Spencer
    Hi there, is there a way for me to priortise my favourite groups (ones I visit most often), so I can get to them quickly on my home dashboard? Even quicker than bookmarking them? I belong to many groups, but contribute to some more than...
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    Deleting a user

    Started by Lyn Ross 16 Feb 2011 12:40pm () Replies (9) Last reply by Karen Spencer
    I need to delete a user that I made when I was playing around.  Its the person 'Te Apiti'.  I have new made a group 'Te Apiti' which is really want I wanted. Hope you can help Cheers
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    Spam activity

    Started by Suzie Vesper 27 Nov 2011 7:36pm () Replies (9) Last reply by Hayden Shaw
    Hiya, Just to let you know that I had a spam comment on a VLN blog post. Probably should have left it for you but I deleted it. Here was the text however: A popular subject of decoys, the canada goose parka lives throughout North...
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    Can't add content to a group

    Started by Melinda Bolton 15 May 2012 5:36pm () Replies (9) Last reply by Melinda Bolton
    I've been accepted as a member to a closed group, but can't seem to add new content.  Some other members can add content, some can't.   Does anyone know how to solve this problem or have any ideas?
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    Missing video

    Started by Lyn Ross 24 May 2011 8:15am () Replies (8) Last reply by Karen Spencer
    I have embedded several videos onto resources.  In 2 instances the top video is not showing.  I can see the word 'Block' at the top and then just a big space/gap till the video below it.  How can I fix this?  Thanks.
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    Including e-Learners (students) in the VLN

    Started by Jeanette Hinerangi Eruera Murphy 04 Apr 2011 9:12pm () Replies (8) Last reply by Glen
    I have set up a sub space for the e-Learners Team at Putauaki (under Putauaki Primary) and would like students to contribute to discussion, blogs, upload/embed info of relevance etc. Three e-Learners signed on via google today, however have...
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    Started by Chrissie Butler 18 Aug 2011 1:07pm () Replies (8) Last reply by Hayden Shaw
    Hi, just trying to embed and YouTube video and its not showing. It shows as a black box when I am in edit, but then there's nothing there when I hit publish. Brainy ideas?
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    friends vs group membership

    Started by Chris Jager 23 Mar 2011 4:03pm () Replies (6) Last reply by Jo Wilson
    Not sure what the fundamental difference is between becoming someone's friend and joining a group. If anyone were able to make a distinction I would find that very helpful.
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    Embedding a YouTube

    Started by Allanah King 01 Feb 2012 9:22pm () Replies (7) Last reply by Allanah King
    Tried to embed a YouTiube video When editing it I see the video- when I publish- big cap of nothing Did the same below here
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    Twitter Widget

    Started by Te Mihinga Komene 05 Mar 2014 11:30am () Replies (7) Last reply by Stephen McConnachie
    Kia ora, how do I 'edit' the Twitter widget as prompted? I would like to feed my tweets on to my profile pls
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    Wire posts

    Started by Tamara Bell  17 May 2011 1:33pm () Replies (7) Last reply by Dee Reid
    Hi guys, Working on our Te Manawa Pou group page and have a couple of questions: -    the wire – can we add the wire widget on our profile pages and set settings to see other members’ wire posts rather than just our own wire...
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    Losing part of the message when posting items

    Started by Tessa Gray 19 Aug 2011 2:07pm () Replies (6) Last reply by Hayden Shaw
    Hi there, I've been having some trouble lately - when I post things (discussions, comments, blog) often parts of the message is left off or disappears and I have to edit and re-add straight after posting. It used to just be at the end of a message,...
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    Loading video onto youtube

    Started by Anne Bunton 07 Mar 2015 1:13pm () Replies (6) Last reply by Hamish McLean
    HI there, I am trying up upload a couple of videos into a private space on you tube so I can put them onto my blog spot.  The videos were recorded on an ipad then down loaded onto my Mac.  You tube say the videos are in the wrong format...
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    Started by Karen Porritt 24 May 2011 3:05pm () Replies (6) Last reply by Hayden Shaw
    Does anyone out there know  a way of changing the order of sub pages within a page? Thanks for any help you can give me.
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    Public profile problem

    Started by Megan Melvin 09 Nov 2011 2:52pm () Replies (6) Last reply by Karen Spencer
    Hi, I can't seem to make my new Group Special Education Online profile public. The blog and poll widgets won't display in public view. I have used the following settings: Group membership permissions Closed - Users must be invitedOpen - Any user...
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    Having trouble pasting content

    Started by Tessa Gray 08 Jun 2011 10:12am () Replies (6) Last reply by Tessa Gray
    Hi there, I've been having some trouble in the last couple of days when pasting content into pages/resources/comments. The script prompt appears twice and the second time it tells me it's "CLEANED" something???? Perhaps I'm having trouble with my...
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    creating accounts

    Started by Chris Jager 31 May 2011 12:24pm () Replies (6) Last reply by Chris Jager
    Hi everyone Am looking for some clarity around creating accounts. When I first created my VLN account I did so via the register link on the VLN home page using my work email address. I knew I had built a profile so subsequently I chose...


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