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eFellow Discussion 2009


My web pages about the work I have undertaken in 2009 with my class making movies. In 2009 I am taking part in the e-Fellowship programme with the support of CORE Education, the Ministry of Education, and NZCER.

As a result of my e-Fellow time I want to be able to discuss; 


  • What dispositions and literacy behaviours are displayed when e-learners are engaged in literacy learning within a group?
  • What are the conditions and supports that are needed to facilitate these dispositions?

I will be looking at the learning dispositions demonstrated by students as they are engaged in literacy learning supported by ICTs. This will be within a class study looking at Leadership and how the World needs leaders who make good decisions that consider people and the environment. Sir Ernest Shackleton will be the example and to show their understanding of this concept they will create a Movie.