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Quit Blaming the Devices | John Spencer


A blog post reflecting on a recent article espousing that using devices- iPads in particular, are a distraction to learning.

I think that using iPads without thought can very much be a distraction to learning but they can also be powerful aids to engagement, creativity and learning when used in thoughtful ways.

What do you think?


  • Steve


    Wow, interesting article.

    We have had iPads in our school for three years now. Right from the onset of implementing our goal was to increase discussion, dialogue and collaboration between students. Key skills to maximise these three focal points were needed. If we wanted creativity then we needed to teach them how from juniors all the way to seniors. This year was a huge success as the year groups were presenting readers, stories, trips, etc in the most creative, fun and innovative ways. There is a constant hum of chit chat, laughter, constructive arguments  through the day. Sometimes flow is required, kids just head down bum up. My job is to pump the bellows and fuel the fire. Next year is going to be even more awesome!



  • Allanah King

    It definitely sounds like you have the right idea Steve and the iPads are being well used.

    Loved it when you said, "My job is to pump the bellows and fuel the fire."

    Me too.