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Using iPads in Education: Resources for teachers using iPads in the classroom


This page is for sharing resources for teachers, tutors, and parents that are integrating iPads into education.


  • Barbara Wenn

    How are you using your ipad and has it made a difference to student engaggement?

  • Allanah King

    I have one iPad that I can use intermitantly with children. Children are disappointed when they don't have access to it. When I first got it I found that eight children all at one time wanted to touch it- the poor iPad didn't know what to do! Now, after a conversation about sharing nits and trying not to knock heads together they are much better at taking turns.

    The levels of engagement with the iPad is very high and people pick up how to work in intuitively. I don't install meaningless non-learning games on it so all activities they have on it may be games but they all progress us on the path to being better learners. A couple of the parents have now bought iPads/iPod Touches and we appreciate sharing new apps when we come together.

    The ease of creating their own content using apps like Sock Puppets, Puppets Pals, ShowMe and Sonic Pics makes our work flow much easier too.

  • Jane Armstrong Bos

    The iPads in Education Ning is worth a look through. It has lists of apps and links to other useful blogs http://ipadeducators.ning.com/