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35 More Things You Can Do With Google Classroom

By Tessa Gray Comments (3)

Here's a link that provides some practical ideas for 35 ways to use Google ClassroomAll of the 35 bullet points need to be teased out further - about what these ideas can mean for you and your students.



  • Jan Kumar

    That is a very long list! I will be passing this on to my teachers. I am in a secondary school and many teachers are converts to Google classroom. They find it great particularly for keeping students on task with assessments for NCEA. The administration of internal assessments can be a nightmare and ensuring students finish their work and actually submit their work on time are a constant battle. Google classroom has really helped the communication between teacher and individual student and is much easier to manage than a whole pile of emails coming in to your inbox.

    Classroom is also great for targeting specific work/learning activities/feedback to individual students and helps the teacher differentiate the lesson/topic. 

  • crus021

    I have found Google Classroom to be incredibly useful in an ever-evolving way. Much like you Jan, GC has really helped with tracking for both myself and my students. I have been looking at ways of working smarter and changing my own practice within my classroom to integrate the recent 1:1 ChromeBooks we have. 

    Despite only having Year 8's, not at that NCEA stage, I have still found that Google Classroom has helped my students become more independent learners, as I have set up Google Sheets with their Learning Outcomes and requirements for each one, ensuring they are learning what they need to learn, and moving past what they already know. It has made my groups much more fluid (and initially chaotic), but at the same time has seen lower end students grow with the support they need, and my top end kids explore further and further with the massive potential they have. And GC helps all of this through keeping tracking and communication tied together nicely in one place, accessible for myself and student to see at any given time!

  • PennyM

    I really appreciated this thanks!  SO helpful to give me more ideas to use with my class - step by step!!