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Life is not a race to be first finished » Blog Archive » ULearn14 Mobile Day: Dice Activity


Here are the downloadable resources that Barb Reid and I used on the #ULearn14 Mobile Day.

We made dice with apps on them and rolled the dice and whatever you got you had to combine to create a new learning articfact.

You can download the dice and support pdfs and do the same thing with your class or staff.


  • Sarah Parker

    Thanks for this Allanah, I didn't make the mobile day and really appreciate having access to your resources.

  • Allanah King

    Thanks Sarah- putting the dice resource together took quite some time to prepare and the more people that are able to use the resources makes it more worthwhile taking the time to create them.

  • Nix

    Thanks so much for sharing Allanah!  I didn't make it either and this looks really engaging!