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A short example of the benefit of classroom blogs


  • justin hickey

    Hi Barbara, thanks for the post. Simple yet insightful. I have been using class and student blogs for the past three years. I think what the slide show highlights for me is that it shows a parent who is taking an active part in their childs learning and who feels coomforatble contacting the classroom teacher. I think the challenge for myself and probably for many schools and teachers is establishing that home-school partnership. I know in my context that their is little buy-in from my students families and that very few take the time to access our class webpage and blogs. It is certainly a challenge and something I would like investigagte more. I would like to see what would happen if we could encourage more families to access our blogs and to take a more active role in their childs learning.

  • Barbara Reid

    Hi Justin. One of the reasons behind quadblogging is to build an authentic audience for our class blogs as getting home school participation is problematic. Have you looked at the crowd sourced presentation, Encouraging Blog Engagement ? There are some good ideas there that may help, especially slide 5 and 6.