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Blogging privacy issues

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By Cindy M Comments (1)

Hi there, I've just set up a classblog and made it public as wanting to gain as big an audience as possible. I am wanting to share kids work (video's as well ) to all but wondering re privacy?  Are most parents ok with this?  

Thanks heaps,  



  • Roxy Hickman

    Hi Cindy, 

    I have just seen your post about blogging. My initial thoughts are to involve the parents and whanau of your students in this discussion as they are the only ones that can truely answer your question about their children. Also your school may already have a policy regarding students info and work being displayed online. (If not, maybe this is a good chance to bring it up as a school-wide conversation )

    You may find these helpful when talking about your intentions for blogging: 

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