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By Allanah King Comments (8)

With this clever, free app you can flick your photos, videos from any device to and from each other- Mac, iOS, Windows, Linux- Android to come. You need to install it on your laptop as well. No email required.



  • Tony Parker

    Now that's way cool. Worked easily on Android and my laptop.

  • Eric Martini

    have you tested this in a school network?  this is a bit like the Hoccer app, where you could "throw" content from one device to another. Worked great on home network, but didn't work so good at school.

    if t his works it would be a great way to share content.

  • Rachel O'Connell

    Great, thanks!  Got it working well between iPhone and iPad - struggling with Windows laptop though.  Have it downloaded but don't seem to be able to get any action.  The iPhone and iPad don't recognise it on my laptop.

  • Allanah King

    Can't help with the Windows thing cos I'm an Apple Girl.

    Just tried it for the first time today. Will try it at school tomorrow and see what happens!!

  • Allanah King

    Just tried to Flick images from iPad to laptop at school and it worked tickety boo. Different school networks will be different I suppose.

    Flick will be great for schools who don't want to put email on their iPads.

    Next thing to try out is if it can throw an image to multiple other iPads, laptops at once. I haven't got the app on enough iPads yet to see how that works.

  • Shona Poppe

    Thank you so much, this is so cool. Works like a charm from iPad to wherever, but still sticky on the MacBook (running Mavericks). Worked nicely on MacBook using Mountain Lion. School network not an issue here.


  • Heather Bell

    I got a school to install Flick last week and it froze the windows laptops.  Won't allow them to uninstall either. They couldn't shut down ... Anyone else have similar issues?  Any suggestions?


  • Allanah King

    If an image has been 'Flick'ed to a laptop the laptop user needs to either save it or delete it.

    The laptop is waiting for you to tell it to do something.

    Right click on the image (CTRL Click) and either save it or delete it.

    I know what you mean though- it frightened me too when I first got the black bar across the top and couldn't get rid of it!!!

    Easy once you know what it is wanting.

    Hope that helps.