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» So you want to remove the background from an image on the iPad? Deon says…


Aussie Deon Scanlon shared how to essentially do green screening on an iPad using Instant Alpha in the updated Pages or Keynote.

After playing about with Deon's instructions and making a png file I can import the image into a Google presentation and it doesn't have nasty white squares around it any more.

Here is a screen grab to show you how an image would look in a presentation- see- no yucky white box.

png image


  • Eric Martini

    ...not wanting to be pedantic.....

    The term "green screening" or "chroma key" is removing a background from a video not an image.. typically the background is green or can be blue (or pretty much any other colour - as long as it's uniform).

    Removing the background from an image is refered to in many ways.."masking" (for those in the graphic design industry), "background removal", or "background extraction".

    If you talk to anyone in the know, about "green screening" they'll immediately think you're talking video..

    Incidentally the particular bright green used in green screening, was chosen as it was less likely to clash with colored clothing worn by actors. Blue was initially used, but it clashed with too many typical clothing colours that green was picked to replace it!- caused less problems in post production.

    Regarding images.... if you want an image without a background, it needs to be saved as a .png or .gif file. There are other image formats that can handle a transparent background, but png and gif are the two most widely used in websites.

    If you use a graphics program to remove a background from an image and you want to preserve that "cut-out" saving as png will keep the cut-out without a background.

    Jpg or Jpeg images can't handle a transparent background, so it will automatically fill anything that doesn't already have a colour, as white.

    To find images without backgrounds..ie cut-outs, search for " transparent png images"... you can use these in pretty much any application, like powerpoint, keynote, imovie, etc

    For those with Word 2007 and newer, there's a background removal tool available, where you can erase the background, as you "paint" over the background.

  • Eric Martini

    Clipping Magic is a website where you can upload an image, remove the background and download the resulting cutout