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JanineConnected: Ethics = Tick!


Janine is researching how to better connect with parents. It will be interesting to follow her project and see how it develops.

1. How often do you speak to your child’s teacher?
2. How often do you visit your child’s classroom or help on a trip?
3. What are the difficulties or barriers that prevent you from visiting or helping more often?
4. How easy do you find it to get involved with the school activities and your child’s learning?
5. Please comment on the amount and type of support your give your child with home learning
6. Do you feel you have enough information from the school about your child’s learning? (for example, what your child is currently learning, what the next steps are for them and how you could help at home?)
7. What types of ‘learning’ activities does your family participate in outside of school hours?
8. What could the teachers at school, or the school in general do to encourage the involvement of parents who find it difficult to become involved?

These questions have all arisen as "issues" from my literature review. I think that question numbers 3, 4 and 8 really are key. One of the issues that frequently arose in the literature (eg McCarthey, 1999; Epstein, 2001; Harris & Goodall, 2007; Deslandes, 2006) was whether, rather than parents being hard to reach, it is in fact schools and teachers that are hard to reach. Of course this is a challenging thought for teachers but it is definitely worth considering how approachable we make ourselves.

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