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Printopia - for Mac

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By iDave Comments (6)

While I am not an advocate of printing from an iPad I ended up with this software free in a bundle and found it works extremely well.  Gets installed in your Mac control panel - you can turn it on and of - and gives acccess to all printers installed on that computer (incl photocopiers on our network).  Any iPad on the network can 'print' to that computers printer.    Thing to think about (besides do I need to print..) - the printing gets logged to that Mac user (if you cost recover etc).  Simple to use.


  • Amanda

    Thanks for sharing, Printopia is fantastic!  It is also helpful for just getting work off the iPad.  You can opt to send the file to a certain computer so it can be collated, saved or stored etc.  Bit easier than working through Dropbox if you are sharing iPads also.

  • Allanah King

    I introduced Printopia to one of my iPad schools and they love it also. They were a bit annoyed though when the principal's printing computer was taken off site during the school day and they lost access to the printer.

  • iDave

    Yep Allanah - another thing to consider... what computer you put it on....Smile

  • Cameron Lockie

    We use Printopia at our school, brilliant and easy to set up and at US$20 cheap! You can add Printopia to more than one computer we put ours on the library computer.

  • Cameron Lockie

    Also it works for the iPod Touches as well!

  • Stephen Lethbridge

    Have to agree Printopia is well worth the money! I can print from anywhere in school from either an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

    I can print to either of our photocopiers....