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What iPhone, iPad owners need to know about iOS 7 - CNN.com


I updated my iPad Mini to iOS7 this morning and it all went very smoothly. I had to Google and YouTube a couple of things to work out what had happened to stuff but it is all very smooth and slick now.

I can see somethings being easier now for students and teachers which will be great.


  • Alice Keeling

    Have seen my non-teaching friends do the update also. Any indictations of problems for student ipads and multiple appication use or  licensing/purchase issues? 

  • Allanah King

    I think some things will be easier. Most things are easily findable or in the same basic place.

    iOS has now got Switch technology built in so those with motor control no longer need a switch box- that's a great move.

    I haven't look at anything else re licensing ot anything yet.

  • MeganCroll1

    We have a small set of iPads in school and have recently upgraded to the new iOS version.  When we configured the set, all the apps were removed from their groups ie. Reading apps, Maths apps etc.  Is there a way to prevent this?   Also, on the previous version, we were able to set the iPads to turn off automatically after use.   I can't find this setting on the new version.   Lastly, is there a way to lock the apps on each page to prevent the students from moving them around?


  • Allanah King

    Not sure why your apps lost their folders- I can't help there.

    To set the iPads to go black go to Settings, General, auto-lock and make it to two minutes should solve the problem.

    No- there is no way to stop people moving apps around.

    Not very helpful am I!