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FORUM: BYOD Pedagogy | An Enabling e-Learning event


An special forum event where community members get to share their experiences with trialing and implementing BYOD in schools.

Why not join in the conversations to discuss:

  • Why go BYOD?
  • How do schools come to the realization that BYOD is important for their students/teachers?
  • How is the wider community informed, consulted and involved with BYOD?
  • What considerations and processes sit behind the successful implementation of BYOD?


  • Gary S

    byod offers us an affordable option of allowing children to access the benefits of technology For their learning. On any given day many of the the children have technology in their bags that could contribute to their learning. Because they own it, they look after it and know how to use it and it frees the school-owned technology for those that don't have access.

    The biggest issue seemed to be getting the parents to sop seeing computers negatively. We had one family leave the school in a huff, saying they thought the wealthy in the school would have an advantage and we would become a class society. We had others that said their children would be disadvantaged at high-school because they wouldn't be able to write fast enough. We had a very well attended parent meeting and it was quite heated as both sides argued their case. I have a PowerPoint if anyone is looking for a starting point.