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Apps in Education: Create a Report using Tellagami and iMovie


Aussie, Greg Swanson, ADE, posted this example of using the free app Tellagami combined with iMovie to make a report that you would actually watch past the first minute.

I would love to see any other examples.

It would be dead easy to do.


  • Sinead Grimes

    This is really impressive and a great use of two powerful apps. It has inspired me to try out something similar with my class! I'll get back to you and let you know how it goes...



  • Allanah King

    Can't find a LIKE button for comments! I look forward to it!!

  • Tash Jacobs

    We have all made a gami each in my class to introduce ourselves, we want to collate them all together in an I movie... The problem is they are on different I pads.  We have uploaded them to google drive but I can't see a way to bring them back onto one I pad????