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Love it or hate it as a social media environment, it is an incredibly powerful professional networking tool. Especially for educators interested in ICT. 

Why should I start?

There is a constant flow of creative ideas, fresh ideas, old tried-and-true ideas, networks, resources, and professional discussions available on Twitter. You don't need to contribute to the flow unless you really want to, but keeping an eye on it is definitely worthwhile. I strongly encourage you to get into the discussion!

Where do I start?

This link takes you to a quick description of how Tweets work. It's aimed at teachers who're just starting out on Twitter.

You can create a free account at www.twitter.com - it's very quick and easy. I encourage you to keep an eye on the topics #edchat, #math or #maths or #mathematics (various countries!), and #mathchat. Following lots of educators will mean your Twitter feed is constantly flowing with inspiring goodness as educators around the world find or create cool resources and share them with their followers. You can follow me at @s_mcconnachie, and look at the list of people I'm following for ideas.